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Due to our busy lifestyles, we have decided to split Bosko’s e-book into eight separate parts that will be e-mailed to you over the course of eight weeks from the moment you subscribe.

  • The first part discusses the importance of thoughts and dreams for creation of desired outcomes in life.
  • Good connection with your emotions powers the achievement of your dreams.
  • Stress is the number one killer and therefore, it must be understood and taken seriously.
  • One of the masteries of life is to live in the present moment, because there is no other.
  • Self belief is one of the most powerful traits you will ever need to truly live the life you deserve.
  • Good communication skills are an absolute necessity for anything you do in life.
  • Everything in this existence goes through the process of mutual co-operation and interdependence.
  • Health and wellbeing are the only two guarantors of exceptional life. When you are healthy – you are truly wealthy.

Did You Know....

  • Did you know that everything you have experienced in your life was initiated by your predominant thought processes, emotional states, prevailing belief systems and lifestyles
  • The most important part of the aforementioned puzzle is the complete understanding of the intricate connection between your consciousness or your life’s energy (aura, chi, prana), your mind and your body. Because when you do so, you will come to realisation that everything is totally interlinked and that your every experience was uniquely created by you through your subconscious faculties long before you cognitively experience them as your reality. So if you have ever questioned any event in your life thus far, you should always analyse your past mental and emotional states, because all the answers are in there
  • Successful people are passionate students of the notion of “personal excellence” and they are fully aware of the facts stated above. As life never stands still, they constantly search for new ways in which they will expand their knowledge for the purpose of achieving their goals and dreams, thus at the same time rigorously ensuring that all parts of their beings are fully synchronised and balanced
  • When you reach this level of self awareness, you will start the process of personal mastery, which will reward you with the greater psycho-physiological alignment for longer, happier and successful life.
  • Naturally, due to complexity of this matter, it will take you time to learn, accept and implement those techniques, but when you do so, your life will start enfolding in a wanted direction. Because, you will learn how to control your thoughts, emotions and motivational states. All this will not only grant you exceptional mental focus, sharp thinking, effective decision making and a healthy body, but will also allow you to forge great relationships, become an effective leader and more successful in your chosen professional field. This will all be possible thanks to your enhanced ability to go “inside” and become “inner dweller” in where all the knowledge is hidden and all questions are answered.
  • The recent research into human life span has concluded that strong self purpose coupled with sound lifestyle will grant you better psycho-physical health and a longer life.

Welcome to The Journey into Self Awareness

Holistic Health and Life Coaching Programme for the achievement of Personal Excellence

Desire is the key motivational factor for achievement of your personal excellence, whilst the key to true success in life is hard work and complete dedication (highly focused personal energy). In addition to this, you must adopt a lifestyle of life long learning and continuos personal development, as well as all round maintenance of your sound mental and physical health.

  • Sound personal discipline brings happiness, fulfilment and excellent psycho – physical health
  • Knowledge and Health equate to Wealth
  • Good mental concentration brings inner peace, focus and desire for success
  • Wisdom brings freedom from inner obstructions and self-sabotage
  • Patience and Persistence create desired outcomes

ES Model of Accomplished Mind, Body and Spirit
a.k.a. “Journey into Self Awareness©”

Our programme will provide you with the good understanding of the three key factors that makes us whole, successful and healthy: The link between your mind, body and life’s energy (Chi or Prana).

Consciousness (energy, spirit, electrical charge)

Increased sensitivity and awareness of your true personal potential
Stronger intuition and a links to boundless inner knowledge
Greater overall psycho-physical congruency and emotional alignment


Positive / Optimism
Mental Flexibility & Forgiveness
Mental Clarity & Focus
Understanding & Control of Emotions


Controlled Movement
Muscular Strength/Elasticity
Correct Nutrition/Hydration

Brief introduction Video of the “Journey into Self Awareness”

The key points of this programme are:
Understand, reduce and neutralise effects of stress on your mind and body. Learn about the power of thoughts and mind control for ultimate experiences in life. Relate to your emotions as the key guides for your happy and fulfilled life.

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