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Bosko Popovic

Esprit Sain Ltd (originally Executive Solutions) was established in 2006 by Bosko Popovic an NLP and AMSP practitioner. He has spent over 20 years of studying and practising psychology and Far Eastern healing arts, as well as philosophy and ancient buddhist teachings. He still works as a Life and Holistic Health Coach.

In the early days, we have worked mainly with corporate clients, but over a period of time, we have slowly changed our direction, because we have realised the immense benefits of class orientated teachings and team work. This change was predominantly influenced by the creation of Bosko’s holistic health programme “Journey into Self Awareness”©. This programme is a direct result of a relentless six years work in which he has incorporated some highly useful personal development strategies, teachings and exercises to help people from all walks of life enjoy healthier and more fulfilled lives.

In other words, we offer through our training specialists, trainings in advanced personal performance and health solutions.  Lack of motivation, poor health, stress, dis-connectedness from within oneself and other people are just a handful of issues affecting people today and therefore, recognising the need for help and everyday practise of exercises in our programme will help those people address most of their issues currently holding them back.

At this moment, our trainings are held in and around East Midlands and mainly during weekends, but as demand for our programme continues to grow, we will progressively introduce additional training days during week days, as well as other key locations in the UK. Please check the Dates/Venues page of this website or simply subscribe to our newsletter for latest information.