Benefits Explained

Benefits of this Programme are

Psychological Health

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  • Higher mental threshold from stress and negative feelings/thoughts
  • Stress reduction and effective control
  • Greater mental focus and determination on what you want regardless of difficulties
  • Calm, relaxed, more resolute, analytical and sharper thought process
  • Greater control of your own motivational states
  • Better control of your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Minimisation of dysfunctional feelings and behaviours
  • Greater self belief resulting from increased confidence in your own abilities
  • Effective self empowerment
  • Improved creativity and learning abilities
  • More effective situational and emotional flexibility
  • Improved communication and listening skills
  • Improved and more stable work/life balance
  • Greater understanding of oneself and other people
  • Ability to control your own emotions and behaviour when dealing with difficult and/or aggressive people
  • Creation of meaningful leadership strategy and ways to comfortably lead from front

Physiological Health

  • Effective stress reduction and control (please note that stress is part of everyday’s life and therefore it cannot be eliminated, but only controlled)
  • Improved body mass index (subject to strict adherence to the programme and external activities, such as: running, weights training and various forms of bootcamps)
  • Improved cardiovascular health (as per above)
  • Improved pulmonary capacity for greater neurological health and stability
  • Good understanding of your present nutritional habits and progressive reconditioning to your new healthy eating regime
  • Improved body energy (prana, chi or aura) that will reward you with improved health, overall mobility and vitality
  • Stronger posture and leaner appearance (as per above)
  • Muscular flexibility and strength

IMPORTANT: Due to the complexity of this programme, the aforementioned benefits are of generic nature and are applicable for the entirety of this programme and not for each module individually. Individual benefits for each module are represented in their respective parts of this website.

In order to experience aforementioned benefits, you will be asked to practise daily our “ES Home Pyramid Training Programme©”. When you decide to book yourself a place in one of our training weekends, you will receive full information about home training in your welcome pack.

If you wish to learn more about our programme and how it can help you – please contact us and we will do the rest. 

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