ES Model of estimated Psycho – Physiological relaxation for advanced learning and wellbeing

rev2 BenefitsBenefitsrev2*This model is based on people experiencing higher stress levels and certain psycho-physiological discomforts in their lives. This is not to say that people experiencing these conditions should exclusively attend our courses. Our courses are open to everyone who is willing to make genuine and lasting positive changes in their lives. This is because, we can only provide you with our knowledge and expertise, which you should use as instructed to achieve your personal development objectives. The rest will be down to you and your success will depend solely on how much energy and quality time you will be willing to dedicate to your own personal development.

*We do not guarantee perfect health and stress free life when you complete our programme and continue your own self-improvement journey thereafter. Due to ways of modern life, stress, worry and problems are the norm, but it will not affect you for long. Because you will learn to effectively control those conditions effectively and it is for that reason that our graph didn’t go all the way on both sides.


As seen from the graph, due to the nature of our programme and your assumed circumstances, we think that your stress levels will progressively go down for duration of your practising of our programme and at the same time, your general state of health will improve. We have also assumed that once you have completed our programme, you will embrace your newly created healthy outlook on life, which will contribute towards an effective stress control and better controlled maintenance of your general health.

Your progress will be related to your individual efforts and will depend uniquely on your personal circumstances, desire for improvement and levels of your personal commitment. As it is relatively new approach, it might take you more time than anticipated to mastermind the relevant self-improvement techniques and therefore projected benefits for the Level I will vary depending on the aforementioned factors. However you should realistically expect increased energy and vitality, greater mental and physical flexibility, as well as greater ability to relax at will, mood control and improved awareness of your pertinent mental states.

Should you decide to progress to the Level II, the aforementioned benefits will be further enhanced, as you will keep learning new and more challenging techniques and strategies, which will constantly stretch your comfort zone outwards and with it your appetite for further self-improvement. As a consequence, your stress levels will keep decreasing and your overall self-awareness, health, confidence and mental sharpness will improve.

If we assume that you will progress to the last stages of our programmes, you will be able to more effectively control your mental/emotional states, which will give you greater conscious control of your overall psycho-physiological being. This means that more relaxed and focused you become, less cortisol (stress hormone) will be released in your blood stream and at the same time, you will experience increased production of DHEA (De-Hydro-Epian-Androsterone), which is produced in your adrenaline glands and is hugely important for your overall vitality, cellular re-generation and increased metabolic energy, hence youthfulness. The production of this important hormone peaks in our mid 20’s and with the ageing process it tends to decline steadily, so in our mid 70’s our adrenaline glands only produce 20% of the DHEA levels, we have had in our mid 20’s. The biological process we call “ageing” is primarily caused by constant reduction of DHEA levels in our bodies. However, with increased production of this important chemical, our bodies slow down the ageing process by increasing our metabolic energy levels, vitality, immunity and overall health. Hence we look younger and healthier.

The third chemical is Melatonin. This hormone is released with healthy and revitalising overnight sleep.  As we age, our brains produce less and less Melatonin and DHEA, however, scientific tests studying behaviour of the brain in the Alpha and Theta brainwaves have demonstrated remarkable increases in production of both chemicals. It is estimated that when our brains are in the aforementioned states, the DHEA production increases by 44%, whilst Melatonin reaches staggering 98% of normal production for the age of the person. At the same time, measured Cortisol levels drop by as much as 47% from its normal production rate. The correct application of this programme will progressively bring those benefits to you, but it is important that you note that this is a lifestyle change programme and not a 14 or 30 day intensive sessions and then return to old ways of living. NO – exercises and techniques learnt in this programme must be practised on a daily basis in order for those benefits to last.

As seen from above, if you follow the structure suggested in this programme, it will reward you with gradual improvements of your psycho-physiological health, leaner body, sharper thought process and more effective overall relaxation abilities. In addition, as you advance in this programme,  you will gain better understanding and control of your emotional states, your own intuition for more accurate guidance in decision making and you will also be able to  more effectively tune in to your own body for the conscious understanding of your prevailing mental and physical states. These enhanced abilities will make you altogether more resolute, happier and fulfilled individual. (Advanced level)

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