• Higher mental protection from stress and negative feelings/thoughts
  • Stress reduction and effective control
  • Greater mental resilience
  • Calm and relaxed mental state
  • Greater control of your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Reduction of negative feelings and behaviours
  • Greater self belief resulting from increased confidence in your own abilities
  • Improved creativity and learning abilities
  • More effective situational and emotional flexibility
  • Improved communication and listening skills
  • Improved and more stable work/life balance
  • Greater understanding of oneself and other people
  • Ability to control your own emotions and behaviour when dealing with difficult and/or aggressive people
  • Creation of meaningful leadership strategy and ways to comfortably lead from front


  • Effective stress reduction and control
  • Improved body mass index
  • Improved cardiovascular health and breathing patterns
  • Improved nutritional regime
  • Improved body energy (prana, chi or aura)
  • Stronger posture and leaner appearance
  • Muscular flexibility and strength

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of this programme, the aforementioned benefits are of generic nature and are applicable for the entirety of this programme and not for each individual session.