Why Holistic Approach?


heart friends Why Holistic Approach?Why Holistic Approach?heart friends1In today’s world, you are faced with multitudes of challenges spanning from wide array of work related issues to balancing your private life of which none are easy. Regardless of the complexities of your daily tasks, you are always exerting extreme levels of biological energy, which if not replenished correctly when needed will eventually lead to illness. Possible anomalies could be mental and physical stresses, inability to relax, headaches, emotional misbalance, digestive issues, inability to sleep, low mental concentration/focus and weak immune system. You may also experience learning difficulties and a consequential reduction of personal effectiveness and other performance related issues. The aforementioned conditions are predominantly mind oriented, but since mind, body and life’s energy are so tightly interlinked – all three should be equally taken into consideration for effective prevention.

The key to your superior performances lie in the total control of your health and the way you conduct your life. It is a well documented fact that highly successful people live extremely disciplined lifestyles visualising desired outcomes, which over a period of time become their realities. This means that they have an excellent understanding of their overall psycho-physiological states of which some encompasses their effective thought control, mental and emotional states, nutrition, sleep, rest, relaxation and other aspects of their overall being.

As stated previously, if you wish to make complete and lasting changes in your life, you must work on all three parts of your being: mind, body and life’s energy. Otherwise, you will achieve no meaningful advances in anything you do and required changes you seek might not enfold in a desired way. It is for that reason that our programme focuses on all parts of your being in order to help you get results you aspire. However, due to your personal circumstances and your desire for improvement, as well as the time you can set on the side for your daily training(s) will dictate speed and quality of changes you will experience. Naturally, this process will take time, but when you eventually experience the benefits, you will be motivated to go further in your quest for personal advancement.

This holistic approach will engage all aspects of your being, thus ensuring the wholeness of you working towards the same goal. If you decide to ignore this teaching and work on one aspect of yourself only (ex: mind conditioning) you will allow other parts of yourself to remain static and continue resonating at no longer wanted frequencies. In which case, that non conditioned energy will wait for the moment you stop working on yourself to bring you back to your previous state of being. This is precisely what you will need to pay attention to at all times to ensure that every action you take leads you to your final destination without further set backs.

Steps to achieving true progress

This formula gives you the real motivation for any meaningful advancement in your life:

  • You must have a Final Vision
  • You must believe that you already have it
  • You must decide that you will do something about it by creating a plan
  • You must execute that plan by taking daily action
  • You must be accountable to yourself and a trusted group of people who will motivate you to achieve your goals.

The Power of teamwork

Accountability to yourself is truly powerful thing and speaks volumes about your commitment. However, when you get together with people who share similar or identical personal development objectives, you will benefit from a wide array of opinions, situations, analysis and solutions for any problems or obstacles that might potentially hamper your progress or slow you down, when you work on your own. When you skilfully exchange your knowledge and experiences with those people, you will learn quicker and will become more efficient in dealing with any situations in life.

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