Extraordinary Life

In order to find Perfect Wisdom, one must go through the door and see one’s self-nature.

“Knowledge and Health = WEALTH”.

Every investment in yourself, either through personal development, knowledge, optimal physical/mental health will reward you in time with greater ability to create material wealth and with it the exceptional quality of life.

What is the difference between the rich person and the one who is not?

kids Extraordinary LifeExtraordinary Lifekids2The only difference is in their mind set. The rich person has a clear vision, wisdom, passion, know-how, persistence and patience to achieve whatever he/she has set him/her to do. They are also very much in tune with their own intuition, which makes them fearless in the eyes of other people. They are almost ruthless in the pursuit of their health and wellbeing, because it equates to wealth in whichever form it is asked. The wealth follows the extraordinary quality of life and ability to “know” that you already have everything you’ve ever asked, even though it is not within your physical realm, as yet. Time plays no part in its materialisation for as long as you stay firm in your belief. It will come only as a result of your unshaken belief and personal confidence to endure in your quest until the end – no matter what obstacles come your way.

The key components of extraordinary life and personal success are: Vision, Wisdom, Patience, Skills, Persistence, Passion and Self-Belief. When you reach this level of self awareness, you will become fearless and one with the universal energy of creation that facilities the creation of desired results. At the same time, you will realise that everything has a purpose and that there are no bad outcomes, but just poorly learnt lessons and that everything exists for a reason.

Dream and Vision – Whatever idea you conceive and you believe in it – you will at some point make it your reality. The most important factor is to mentally visualise the final outcome and the rest will be produced by amazing powers of your unconscious mind. Having a clear vision of where exactly you want to go and what to achieve is the absolute must for anything to start.

As stated above, wisdom is a virtue associated with knowledge. So, you must know what you want, anticipate precise outcomes and believe/know that you will get there, even at times when the road gets bumpy. Relentless acquisition of knowledge and its correct application for what you wish to achieve is a must for success and wise people know how to effectively use their knowledge for any given purpose.

True success requires extraordinary levels of patience. Results do not always come when you think they should. They will come when the time is right and when everything has clicked in place. In order to endure the process, you must have an enormous amount of self-belief and confidence to endure your quest. Also, it is not wise to pressure yourself for immediate results, as that is a sign of weakness or fear of failure. Always give yourself as much time as you need to accomplish whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. You should never exert mental pressure on yourself, as that will only create instability and lack of belief about the outcome, which will eventually postpone or prevent the final outcome from happening.

Skills – Outstanding achievers have ambitions and goals that are in harmony with their natural talents. Ideally, you will be aware of what you’re good at and what comes to you naturally. Those that constantly embrace challenges and tirelessly work on their self-improvement are the ones that enjoy the success they seek.

Persistence will allow you to stay on the course regardless of difficulties, obstacles, internal resistance and disagreements with loved ones. Sheer persistence and self belief will be your driving forces when things get tough. These attributes distinguishes winners from the rest. There are no easy options in life and for as long as you follow the path (despite all possible difficulties) you will get to your final destination.

You must be passionate about learning, constant self-development (conscious evolution) and truly believe in whatever you aspire that it is reality in motion and it will happen when things click in place.

Self belief is the combination of all above factors together. This is a powerful subliminal tool, which gives each individual that “x factor” when it comes to getting things done, especially when everyone sees a no go situation. People with higher levels of self-belief are excellent problem solvers and have extremely positive outlook on life and hence vision, health and career.

Other components are:

Resources – The key component of any success is careful and wise use of money. Being in total control of whatever you do is the key to success. Successful people never live beyond their means.

Support is extremely important factor, as it gives an invaluable fuel and injection of confidence, when things do not go as planned. It is therefore highly advisable to surround yourself with like-minded people, who will help you achieve your goals.

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