Coaching Mastery

E.S. Three step model to get the best out of coaching

togetherness (1) Coaching MasteryCoaching Masterytogetherness 1Step One

  • You must have a clear vision of what you want
  • You must have a strong desire and unshaken motivation to do whatever is needed to achieve your desired results
  • You must be honest about your current whereabouts and what you need to do next to start creating what you want.
  • You must clearly observe your current lifestyle and whether you are happy with the quality of your life right now? If not – you must define what needs changing and decide to take action.

Step Two

  • Ideally you should identify someone who has already achieved what you want. You should study what they did and how they have achieved what you are seeking.
  • You must have a crystal clear plan of how you will achieve your objectives. It must be structured in such a way to allow you to monitor the progress and make changes when necessary.
  • You must always measure everything you do and whether it serves you a purpose or not. If not – you must keep introducing changes, until you hit the right path.
  • You must be accountable to yourself and have regular consultations with other people with similar interests, who will push, motivate and support you all the way.
  • You must always be aware of your mental and physical health and whether it is perfectly aligned in order to allow you to consistently produce required results. If not, you must then evaluate your lifestyle and make relevant corrections.

Step Three

  • At this advanced stage you must be totally aware of ‘extra efforts” you will need to exert in order to get you across that magic line known as “success”. If you still haven’t achieved what you have set yourself within your wanted timescale/s, you must then carefully examine your thoughts, emotions, beliefs/values and whether they are aligned with your goal/s.
  • You should also be able to skilfully control your mental and physical health, as well as your emotional states for optimal state of being.
  • You should feel more empowered and confident about your abilities to achieve anything you want, because you are well in the process of self mastery.

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