Why This Programme?


When student is ready – teacher will appear 

(Chinese proverb)

bsrOzgDkQhGRKOVC7Era_9X6A3584 Why This Programme?Why This Programme?bsrOzgDkQhGRKOVC7Era A3584You must always have solid aspirations and standards on how you wish to live your life. If not, you will always be governed by events and circumstances of which you think you have no direct control. You must therefore live your life exactly how you intend and maintain those standards regardless of what happens, until you start achieving required results!  When you complete one circle, you should then start new one with the new set of objectives.

Everyone wishes to make changes in their lives and that’s great! However, change implies immediate results, which are not always realistic. Almost everyone likes certainty and routine, which in turn create realities already experienced.  It is of course possible to make a change, but like anything, if you have no clear understanding, aspirations and plans to continue along that road, any subsequent corrections will be short-lived. This is because, if you do not also have a clear vision of your final destination and you do not enforce your new way of doing things, you will fail in your attempts to achieve your objectives.

When you decide exactly what you want and you see yourself in it, we will show you step by step, as to what you need to do next to fulfil your aspirations. You will be given all the tools and more importantly, you will be hand guided by us and your training partners, until you have successfully mastered each module and you have progressively integrated that newly acquired knowledge into your everyday life.

In order to achieve this objective, we strongly believe that good preparation is necessary, coupled with sound training and everyday practise that will follow after your training. However, the main challenge for you will be (if you are like most people) to put time on one side for your daily practising, particularly when your everyday routine prevails. So the solution is to find effective ways to progressively condition your mind and behaviour to enable you to start creating results you truly wish. That is precisely what you will be tasked to do, when you finish your live training with us.

Once again, this programme will provide you with excellent results, when you truly decide to make meaningful differences in your life and you work relentlessly to make it happen. Otherwise, you will not get results you have originally hoped. Because, you didn’t do enough to make it happen and the law of this universe dictates that energy always goes back to its original source. So whatever you invest, you will reap. It is normal nowadays to expect quick results, because everything we do is measured by the speed of delivery, convenience etc. But in reality, there are no true and meaningful results without serious work and time invested, so…

“YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW” and why this programme works?

When you join this programme, you will start your every training module by familiarising with the theoretical parts, which will help you better understand what you will be learning and practising in that module.

During your preparatory stage, you will need to objectively evaluate yourself and answer all questions when prompted to do so. We have named this part “raising awareness”, as it will help you to better prepare for your training and in particular for stages that will follow thereafter.

In your live training, you will learn and practise techniques and ways to implement given theoretical knowledge into your daily life, which we call “learning and transition”. This part is closely followed by the most important part of your training, which is daily practise and is known as “implementation and change”. Because, the objective of any training is to increase knowledge and alter behaviour, henceE.S. Pyramid Home Training  System. This part of your modular training will provide you with the day to day guidance on what you will need to do in order to reinforce your newly acquired knowledge and strategies.  For the best results, you will need to follow those recommendations and also liaise with your course colleagues for additional support, advice and motivation.

Regular liaisons with your course colleagues will be crucial for you to start achieving your personal development objectives. Because you will keep each other fully motivated and firmly focused on achieving your individual goals and aspirations. You will need to adhere to this system for the entirety of your training with us for the purpose of consolidation of your newly conditioned behaviours.

In addition to this, we strongly advise you to start from the very beginning of our programme, as it will give you the best platform to build and integrate your newly acquired knowledge and life strategies into your everyday life. Apart from that, you will have full freedom to choose pretty much anything else concerning your participation in this programme and for more information about how we can help you further, please use the contact us page and we will answer any query you may have within 48 hours.

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