Slow, rhythmic movement coupled with deep and controlled breathing thoroughly energises your body and at the same time rejuvenates your auric field. In many spiritual traditions in Asia, breathing has always been regarded as a very precise science of energy management and a key contributor toward the overall healing of your body and mind. Previously, we have talked about the importance of keeping your body young and one of the key contributors is controlled rhythmic movement, closely followed by good breathing techniques. This was practised in many Eastern cultures for many thousands of years in forms of Qi Kung and Yoga exercise systems.

In essence both types of exercises are extremely powerful when practised correctly on a daily basis, because they both work on massaging your inner organs, as well as randomly spreading the body energy around your auric field. They both require good levels of mental stillness, focus and relaxation, which further stimulate release of negative energies and emotions from your body’s auric field. This should always be followed by controlled deep breathing (Chi generation from the air), which will provide fresh energy that will be necessary to recharge your body cells, hence establish proper functioning of your inner organs and other metabolic functions. In so doing, you will effectively keep yourself biologically younger and fitter.

However, it is important to note that no amount of movement, correct nutrients etc will contribute toward your wellbeing without effective breathing techniques. In Chinese medicine, oxygen is regarded as an essential nutrient, just like minerals, vitamins and proteins. It regulates many subtle electrochemical activities at your sub cellular level by correctly balancing your electromagnetic polarities. In here, we are talking about the Chi (Chinese name for energy) or hyperactive molecular fragments that carry negative charge equivalent to one electron. In Western science this is known as “negative ions”, which are vibrant electromagnetically charged particles naturally produced in the air by the constant movement of air (winds), water (evaporation), sun rays and other sky/Earth related kinetic interactions. This process is known as “ionisation”, because it splits air molecules into fragments and imparts energy to the resulting particles in the form of negative charge. Negative ions are the factor that gives the fresh air its characteristic vitality. The most potent atmospheric Chi is found in mountains, where the ionising radiation from heavens is strongest and mixes well with the ionising effects of free-blowing winds and fast flowing waters. This is the primary reason as to why so many Far Eastern Yogi’s and sages spend their lifetimes dwelling in mountains, because they use this unlimited source of energy for their own “enlightenment” and overall wellbeing.

Unfortunately, urban conditions, chemical pollutants and chronic lack of external forces are creating positive ions, which are trapping negative ions and depleting them of their natural recharging abilities. In order to explain this better, fresh air in the mountains or open countryside contains three negative ions to one positive, which has an extremely potent health effect on the body with every breath. On the other side, the air in a stale and polluted city contains only one negative ion for every five hundred positive ions and that drastically reduces the atmospheric vitality by a factor of 1500 times.

As majority of population lives in polluted and highly urban areas, hence Chi depleted zones, it is important that you journey out to the nature at least once a week and practise deep breathing. Because in so doing, you will help your body to properly reenergise for the week ahead. If this is not possible, you can always buy negative ion generator/s and install them in your house and/or workplace and enjoy the benefits. The more chi you inhale, the more energy you will impart on your body. Also, when you create ideal solutions, you should then have a good daily energy generation plan, which you must practise daily. This is important because those exercises will not only make you healthier and more energised, but they will also help you normalise all your metabolic functions, as well as balancing your emotional centre, which is important for your wellbeing. These benefits will become evident when you reach that level of conscious union of your mind and body, which will be facilitated through your correct breathing. Naturally the more you practise these exercises, the better off you will be.

The beauty of these exercises is that they are so diverse and they also operate at different levels of skill and intensity and each one offers its own set of benefits. Namely, you have exercises that are regulating and reshuffling your auric energy field and this enables you to refocus, stabilise and better co-ordinate your “endocrine system’s inner connections. On the other hand, you have more intensive exercises that work on the principle of massaging your inner organs, which facilitate quicker regeneration, hence their optimal working conditions. All these exercises share one common denominator apart from breathing, which is moderate movement. This means that none of them are strenuous, overpowering and demanding. They are designed to work in harmony with your body and with your current physical ability. They require you to focus down, relax and follow the rhythmic movement coupled with your own breath for the purpose of achieving greater levels of relaxation and with it greater energetic connections from within. In so doing, you’re stimulating greater information exchange at the sub cellular level, which in return facilitates greater sense of inner connectedness. This is expressed through stronger connections to your emotional centre, intuitive guidance and all other forms of subliminal knowledge, which would otherwise be difficult to access, particularly when you’re in your normal state of alertness or higher brain wave activity.

These are exact types of exercises that your body loves to experience, because they are non aggressive and at the same time, they promote relaxation, healing and inner knowing. These exercises are most potent when used together as a part of the well designed and controlled lifestyle, which comprises good thought/emotional control techniques, diet, sleep and moderate physical exercising, such as cycling, running, weight lifting and other forms of fitness trainings.

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