At the end of June 2016, British nation narrowly voted to leave the EU. That decision has caused unprecedented chaos and uncertainty in the society. People who voted to stay are panicking about the future, whilst those that have voted out have started to have second thoughts about it. Everyone is stressed and dissatisfied with the outcome of this vote, which came as a result of months of political backstabbing and media scaremongering. The final result is the nation that lingers on the brink of collective nervous breakdown, should nothing is done to remedy this situation ASAP. The primary culprit for this chaos is the sense of uncertainty created by this vote of no confidence. So what can you do to protect yourself from this madness and imposed? Naturally the first thing you must do is to realise that you can only control what you think, feel, say and do. If you focus and dwell on things that reside outside of your control, such as Brexit, you will get stressed. So what is stress?

Stress is your body’s reaction to something that you perceive to be negative. The key causes of stress come through complex interaction of “internal and external stressors”. Internal stressors are the main culprits for creation of the sensation of stress and the external stressors are simple triggers for further aggravation of your already created inner dysfunctions.

Key internal stressors are your negative thoughts and emotions, which reflect your current mental state, values, beliefs and what you expect to experience. Another key inner contributors to the stress are your inappropriate diet, inadequate mental and physical relaxation, sleep, physical fitness, overly abuse of alcohol and other substances, inadequate daily water intake etc… All this will be explained in some details in the consecutive blogs.

The external stressors are caused by your uncertainty of something that still has to happen. This means that stress is not caused by the event itself, but rather from your anticipation that something “dreadful” will happen and that you will have no control over what will enfold thereafter. This generally happens when you reach certain mental/emotional threshold, which was caused by prolonged periods of uncontrolled negative thoughts and emotions. It’s also important to note that stress forms an essential part of your daily life, because it motivates you to take action to achieve something that matters to you, which at this moment doesn’t conform to your routine behaviour and values. There are two types of stresses: positive and negative and both are meant to stimulate you physically, but since we live sedentary lives – both are quite literally unhealthy. So how does stress unfold?

As stated above, stress is imaginary, because of inner misalignment or constrained information at the sub cellular level. This causes you to have ineffective control of your thoughts and emotions, which are usually exacerbated by the lack of clarity of direction in your life (goals). This is pure generalisation of course, but even when you have goals and at the same time low emotional threshold or tolerance for their timely achievement – you will suffer from effects of stress. Because when you reach certain levels of “disconnection from within” (stress) you will definitely attract whatever you focus your conscious attention (worry) and when it happens, you will see it as a “material feedback” that your concerns were justified. This will further reinforce your belief that your worries were correct and if you habitually worry about work, relationship with your partner, children, commute, money or anything similar – then you must stop, reflect and realise that these events are outside of your control.

All you can control is how you relate to them emotionally and more control you exert over those aspects of your being, the greater benefits will be. They will range from increased mental and physical health to smarter and better management of all your external affairs. This particularly applies to the people with low self esteem, because they see themselves as powerless and overly dependent on others for approval and guidance and the only way for them to reclaim their power is to go inside and reprogramme their negative habitual way of thinking.

So what do you need to do to be in charge of your life? You must learn to slow down, reflect and start to effectively control your thoughts, emotions, goals, expectations, lifestyle, how you handle your relationships and everything else that matters to you. The best starting point for reclaiming your power is to learn the basics of mindfulness. Due to its complex nature, it’s very likely that you will not experience any benefits in the shorter period of time. Because mindfulness needs time and a lot of practise before you start seeing meaningful results. But if you persevere and introduce it as a part of your “healthy daily routine” it will make a profound difference in your life. Because it will help you regulate your brain waves, hence all your cognitive processes starting from your thoughts, self esteem, values and your emotions. This represents a very good starting point in reclaiming your power and also your ability to be in control, which is absolutely paramount for your longer term healing and insulation from effects of stress. Naturally, if this is something that you have never done before, you will find it extremely difficult to adhere to because of your busy lifestyle. But despite all that, you must never forget that the clarity of mind is essential for anything meaningful to happen and therefore, you must create a very good personal development plan and a daily routine to effectively enable you to combat effects of stress.conquer the world

In order to make this plan work, you should always start from the most simplest and easiest exercises that will keep you motivated and then slowly keep adding more complex and demanding exercises as you go on. As stated earlier, you should always start with principles of mindfulness and then introduce energy generation exercises, control of your daily nutrition, lifestyle, relaxation and physical exercising. When practised on a daily basis, these simple life changing routines will add tremendous value to your overall health and wellbeing. Naturally, stress will always be present due to the nature of our modern way of living, but it will not affect you significantly, because you will know how to deal with it effectively.

Now you have two options – you can either do it all by yourself and see how far you will go or alternatively you can refer to professionals to help you and keep you motivated. We will provide you with all the support and guidance you need to put that plan together and stick with it, until you start seeing credible results. You will achieve that by being fully accountable to yourself, your training partners and us. Because accountability and the power of like minded people will motivate you to carry on, until this becomes your second nature.

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