The human body operates with two different ageing systems: chronological and biological ageing. Chronological ageing indicates the length of the time you have lived on this planet and the biological age reflects “your true age”, which is measured by the efficiency of your inner organs and your overall metabolic functions. Medical practitioners are fully aware of this phenomenon, because of the overwhelming pool of evidence that so clearly demonstrates discrepancies between the two. Namely, there are many examples of older people (chronologically) who have bodies of those significantly younger and unfortunately there are those who are chronologically young, but in effect have bodies of much older people.

Due to our externalised way of life, majority of people are disconnected from their “inner knowing” which bears negative impact upon their overall health and wellbeing. Because they are not consciously aware of their basic biological needs/limitations and therefore, they literally grind their bodies to the ground trying to achieve their superficial goals, without realising the damage they are causing to their overall psychophysical health and wellbeing. Those goals may be extreme sports and body building contests, academia, professional careers or some highly physical and/or mental activities. In fact, it can be anything that forces your body to be either overly active or even worse – sedentary. In addition to this, it can also be any type of oppressive behaviours, which will undermine your mental and physical stability. Typical examples are strict diets, lack of sleep, regular mental exertions and stresses, worries and other forms of non controlled thoughts and behaviours.

In addition to this, uncontrolled eating of highly processed foods, sugary products, over dependence on drugs, alcohol abuse and inadequate water intake will also add strains on your inner organs. If all these factors are not tightly controlled, they will contribute toward your accelerated biological ageing. The main reason is the overly abuse of your inner organs and their inability to rejuvenate on time, hence progressive dysfunction and metabolic sluggishness. Just like anything, you must acknowledge and respect all parts of your being and allow your body and mind to adequately regenerate for the purpose of being in a supreme condition, hence working order. So without any further delay, let’s evaluate the most pressing parts that require your immediate attention:

You must control your mental states, which means that you must aim to be centred, grounded and focused on your NOW. Further, you must observe and focus only on things, which
you can CONTROL. Then you must allow negative thoughts to leave your conscious screen and replace them with positive thoughts, images and feelings. When you start doing this, you will become more positive and effective in everything you do. This will help you stabilise your emotions and your overall psychophysiology resulting in smoother metabolic functioning of your body. The key benefits will be greater inner congruency, more effective stress control and self motivation.

In addition you must be strict with your eating preferences, because what comes in – comes out. This means that you must ideally stop counting calories, but rather observe the nutritional value of the food you eat. Because your body needs wide range of nutrients to function properly and most diets only produce short term benefits and longer term discomforts. The key culprits that heavily contribute toward premature ageing are sugar and man made chemicals. These are highly acidic elements, which are depleting your body from life sustaining electrolytes: potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium. If you are not ingesting sufficient quantity of these minerals through your diet, your body will leach your bones in order to keep the correct chemical balance. The same applies to all types of artificial sweeteners, which are used as sugar substitutes and which are even more dangerous. Because they are not only highly poisonous, but they are also extremely difficult to break down by your liver, due to their complex molecular structures. In essence, whenever possible, you should avoid eating processed, sugary, artificial and fast foods.

Instead, you should always aim to eat “clean” or natural foods, such as wide variety of vegetables and fruits, which should ideally be as raw as possible. Animal produce are OK to some degree, but they should be consumed occasionally and in small quantities in order to allow your inner organs plenty of time to recover from their processing and integration into your system.

If you wish to live long and happy life, you must resist, minimise or even stop consuming alcohol, because it is the number one enemy of your liver and with it the whole host of other organs, such as kidneys, digestive and urinary systems. The state of your liver and other key inner organs gives a good clue of your overall state of health.

Drink as much water as possible, as that will effectively cleanse your body and will enable proper chemical balance and other metabolic functions of your body. Because, water regulates your body temperature and also regulates your blood and arterial pressure. It also facilitates all chemical/biological interactions at the sub cellular level, which are necessary for the correct chemical processes necessary for your existence. It also lubricates your joints, carriers nutrients in your body (blood circulation) and regulates poisonous waste caused by your dead cells and pathogens in your body.

You must rigorously ensure that you always sleep well. You must create rest periods during the day and also regularly exercise in accordance to what your body can manage at any moment in time. Please remember the golden rule that you should always keep “everything in moderation” in your life.

I’m sure that you have heard all this before, but in all fairness, how effectively do you look after yourself? Due to our busy lifestyles – many people do not have time to properly monitor and control what they eat on a daily basis. So if you wish to stay younger, live longer and have a great quality of life, you must rigorously observe your daily lifestyle, which is precisely what you will be tasked to do when you join our programme. You will be working on all parts of your being and you will never be alone in the process, because at all times you will leverage the power of group support and mentoring. This will be the key contributing factor toward your unreserved motivation to press forward and achieve required levels of personal improvements. In conjunction with your team mates, you will create simple and yet highly effective daily exercise routine, which will drive you toward greater levels of health and vitality. If you wish to learn more about our programme, please visit our website: or you may contact Bosko on 07984001228 or you can write to us on and we will provide you with all information you need. If you are still not convinced, why don’t you come to one of our taster classes and see it for yourself. Please visit our website for all information or contact Bosko for all information.

We look forward to be at your service and wish you all the health and happiness.