Level 1 : The Programme “Journey into Self Awareness”

Nothing we ever imagined is beyond our power, only beyond our present self-knowledge. Theodore Rozak

Level 1 – About You

Holistic Health Courses  CoursesCourses5f468e982This level is completely dedicated to understanding yourself by means of learning some powerful personal development strategies to enable you to achieve required levels of personal excellence. In order to achieve this objective, we have broken this part of the curriculum into three modules for easier learning and integration of the above (personal excellence).

Module one focuses on all aspects of stress, inclusive of thought control and basics of mental projections for the purpose of mind programming for effective results. In addition to this, you will learn all about effective Personal Empowerment and Confidence build up strategies that you will need to master in order to advance you further in your quest for personal excellence.

Module two is dedicated to more advanced strategies of mental focus, persistence and motivation for achievement of set goals. In other words, in order to be a winner in life, you must have clear cut goals, knowledge, strategy and systems to help you achieve those goals. We humans are programmed to function best when we have clear goals. In this module therefore, you will learn and practice all above and you will also add some of your personal touches on your own masterpiece to give you that so much needed edge to win the game of life.

Module three is all about achieving outstanding levels of personal excellence for re-creation of your desired quality of life by mastering your emotions and inner guidance, which comes from the effective connections within yourself and listening to your inner voices of wisdom that usually guide you to your desired outcomes. By the end of practicing of this module, you should achieve greater connection from within by means of good understanding of your deepest aspirations and desires and at the same time, you will be able to deal with your weakness and limiting beliefs that are preventing you to reach your dreams.

Achievement of sound mental and physical health is at the core of every module and starts from very simple to more complex strategies and exercises as you progress from one module to another.

Those exercises you can do at home, work or whether and whenever you wish. The more you practice them, more benefits you will experience going forward.

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