Key Points of Module 2

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  • In order to live the life of inspiring positivity, high energy, happiness, focus and unreserved commitment to your ultimate health and well-being – you must become fully aware of the intricate connection between your conscious and unconscious mind and your physical body. This knowledge will allow you to better understand the importance of stable and balanced emotions, coupled with positive and controlled thoughts and their impact upon your quality of life and professional fulfillment.
  • Creation of your long, medium and short term goals. This process will start with you defining your ultimate goals/dreams and will continue with you working on them using the full spectrum of your personal empowerment tools. The key for you will be to achieve those goals in a highly methodical/organised way and without any disturbances to your lifestyle, health and wellbeing.
  • Advanced mind programming strategies for easier facilitation and achievement of the aforementioned goals and life’s aspirations. In here, you will learn our proven formula and methodology for sustained successes in life. Amongst other things, you will learn to stay motivated, engaged and totally focused on every step in the process that will lead you to the achievement of your desired goals. This process is directly linked to your thought control, which will allow you to better relate to your emotions, motivations, behaviour and desires for successful completion of your goals despite obstacles along the way. In this way, you will learn to more effectively manage your personal expectations, thus allowing you more stability and sustained happiness in your life.
  • All above would not be possible without your radiant health and positive outlook on life without which you will be able to sustain your personal growth. In here, you will learn some powerful exercises that will enable you to more effectively generate biological energy, as well as practising more advanced exercises for facilitation of deeper levels of psycho-physiological relaxation. In addition, you will practise some powerful exercises that will facilitate greater health of your internal organs. These exercises consist of co-ordinated bodily movements, muscular tensions, elongation and strengthening and will focus on all parts of your body starting from you head, neck and all the way down to your feet. The key benefits after a period of time of practise will be that you will feel more energised, in better physical/mental shape and with greater mental focus and concentration.
  • Nutrition II – This represents more advanced teaching about effects of nutrition on your body and in particular its links to your wellbeing, inclusive of stable metabolism and overall functioning of your internal organs. In this module, you will learn the importance of the chemical balance in your body or acidity v. alkalinity. You will also analyse your present eating habits and relevant corrections that you will need to implement in order to better control the correct chemical balance in your body and with that your overall health and wellbeing.
  • E.S. home training and conditioning System II. In here, you will follow in the footsteps of what you have done in the previous module, but this time it will be more complex and demanding, particularly physiological exercises. Due to complexity of this curriculum, you will be challenged to new limits, but that’s all very good as that will help you to learn and integrate some powerful strategies and knowledge into your everyday lifestyle.

In this module, physical conditioning exercises are classed as Entry Level – Moderate to Hard

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