Key Points of Module 3

ebook key points of module 3Key Points of Module 3ebook1

  • In order to become good decision maker, you must become one from within. You will study and practise relevant techniques that will enable you to do so and that will impact upon the overall quality of your professional and personal lives.
  • Live outside of your comfort zone, as that will represent an important step in achievement of your personal excellence. The only recipe for growth is to constantly push your comfort zone outwards and learn to relish challenges.
  • Only focus on what you can control, because this will allow you to effectively control your emotions and will represent the beginning of your personal mastery.
  • Learn to control your inner dialogue and tune in to messages broadcasted by your emotions.
  • Learn to control your lust for pleasure and constant avoidance of pain, because our default behaviour is to always seek pleasure and avoid pain at all cost. However, in order to understand this phenomenon, you must know that they form part of the same thing. You cannot have one without the other and excessive lust for pleasure is always accompanied by a sobering dose of pain. Due to our programming, we are more predisposed for pain and therefore, the only solution is to learn to elevate yourself from both and achieve the point of neutrality, which will grant you stronger position to control your emotions and how you interpret events and relate to people in your life.
  • Learn the power of forgiveness and related emotions of power. This part is directly linked to the one above and majority of unresolved emotions come from the point of no acceptance and refusal to forgive, which is the main healer for anything in life. When you learn to control your emotions, expectations and achieve the balance in your life, you will start creating totally different future for yourself and your loved ones.
  • The final point of personal excellence represents the realisation that there are no limits to anything, as everything is self inflicted through works of limiting beliefs. And those emotions are reinforced through negative thought processes and higher doses of personal perfectionism. You will learn and will practise relevant exercises that will enable you to look deeper into yourself and that will allow you to better analyse your present blocks and ways in which you can convert them into your future strengths for achievement of required results.
  • Advanced energy generation and muscular flexibility exercises. In this part you will push yourself little bit more in order to achieve greater unity of your mind, body and energy. As everything is one, so your body must achieve greater levels of personal cohesion for the purpose of better facilitation of energy flow from within.
  • Advanced psycho-physiological exercises that will facilitate longer lasting relaxation states for your body and mind.
  • Nutrition III represents our last teaching in this field and will consist of a number of recommendations regarding importance of food for your lasting health and wellbeing, as well as setting up your new dietary regime. You will also learn that excessive dieting doesn’t work and why this system will enable you to better control your weight, BMI and overall cardiovascular and psycho-physiological health.

In this module, physical conditioning exercises are classed as Entry Level – Hard

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