Module 2

Module 2: Effective Goals and Mind Programming

slam dunk module 2Module 2slam dunk1Life is an ultimate gift and as such, you deserve to live it in the best possible way and the only way to achieve this objective is to know precisely what you want and when you will have it in your life. Failure to have this clarity will result in you never experiencing the life of complete fulfilment and personal excellence. Because we (human beings) are designed to constantly seek challenges by means of having effective goals that will motivate and inspire us to be our best.

The power of fulfilling and inspirational goals is such, that they will always kick-start the process of creative thinking, supported by your natural abilities (things you do with greater joy and competence), inherent skills and interests to guide you to achieve your ultimate happiness and success.

This is because true happiness and success always go together and they fully complement each other. The effective pursuits of goals will bring you mental clarity and order in your life, which will be further compounded by pleasure of knowing how to motivate yourself to go over any challenges along the way. These pursuits will give you enormous sense of accomplishment and will also make you more complex, extraordinary, resilient and confident person by knowing that there are no limits – unless you chose so.

If you wish to be one with yourself, you must embrace the idea of constant challenges. This will provide you with boundless sources of energy, that will constantly push your comfort zone outwards and with that you will start the process of your effective personal excellence for being the best you can be!

In this module, you will be looking at all aspects of your personal management, motivation and persistence to set, agree and execute your goals. It will also address any issues of occasional or regular procrastination and will enable you to learn other important techniques and strategies to increase your self-motivation, personal discipline and persistence in achieving your goals. In addition, you will learn to accept personal responsibility and related emotions that come as a result.

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