Module 3

Module 3: Understand your Emotions and achieve Personal Excellence

bridge module 3Module 3bridgeIf you want to become an achiever, you must become relentless seeker of personal excellence, which comes through effective understanding and control of your emotions, motivational aspects of your personality, as well as your inner creativity. This is quite difficult task to fulfil, as it requires higher levels of self-awareness and honesty to yourself. In this module, you will study and practise strategies and techniques that will enable you to progressively achieve aforementioned objectives. You will also be pushed to think outside of your comfort zone for the purpose of further stretching your newly adopted mindset and belief system. This skill will enable you to pursue any future goals with a healthy dose of self awareness about your own abilities and your personal potential.

Everything starts and ends with your emotions and it is therefore important that you gain good understanding of its language and what it’s trying to teach you. Every thought, idea, dream, decision and consequent actions were borne and fuelled by your emotions. Because life represents a sum total of your decisions powered by your emotions. It is for that reason that you must learn to read your emotions and trust their guidance to get you to where you want to go.

The skill of understanding and effectively controlling your emotions is one of the key parts of your personal mastery and therefore this module represents an important step in your journey with us. But before you start this module, you should get fully up to speed with the previous two modules, because good understanding of the previous contents will facilitate easier learning and integration of this part of your journey with us.

In here, you will learn amongst other things about limiting beliefs, emotions of power, effective control of your internal dialogue, positive thinking, strategies to deal with unresolved emotions and the motivational power of the pain and pleasure.

One could argue that motivation is the ultimate force that nudges you to take action and comes uniquely from your perceptual relationship with the idea you are trying to materialise. The best state in which you will receive this type of guidance is in your total mental and physical relaxation. Whenever you find yourself in this state, you’re effectively facilitating unrestricted flow of information from within (subconscious knowledge) and when you eventually get to consciously understand it, you will use it as your primary guide for required actions, which could be interpreted as a motivation.

On the other side of this spectrum are emotions of fear, powerlessness and self denial (limiting beliefs) which are constantly preventing you from achieving your dreams and are effectively blocking your link with your subconscious knowledge. They however play very important part for your existence, because they are constantly warning you about inappropriate paths you’re taking, as well as situations and people in your life. In that respect, skilful “listener” tunes in the vibration of these emotions and listens very carefully their messages for the purpose of choosing the right direction. If on the other hand, you do not understand the purpose of these emotions, you will most likely misunderstand their messages and will interpret them in a personally debilitating way, which will ultimately lead you to creating a new set of limiting beliefs for yourself.

However, this doesn’t meant that you should suddenly become fearless and under no circumstances ignore their messages. Quite on the contrary, you should continue to feel the sensation of fear and continue to do unpleasant things, because these experiences will be your ultimate teachers and will lead you to master your life. When you persistently face your fears, you will realise that nothing is bad, but ultimately purposeful for your safe guidance to your chosen destination.

Emotions are powerful motivators and the way you interpret them will dictate your levels of success and personal excellence. If you want to become a winner you must become a true optimist, have an unshaken trust in yourself and have a belief that you can do whatever you set yourself. In order to be able to do this you must possess sound control of your emotional states, which is something you will be learning and practising in this module. When you finally become an optimist, you will also become “intelligently brave” by enjoying your experiences and making sound decisions, even when things are not going your way.

Physiological exercises in this module will be more demanding than in the previous module, as they represent natural progression from what you were practising before. You will also practise more advanced psycho-physical exercises that will further enhance your overall health and wellbeing. In this part you will put together your ideal nutrition plan, which you will aim to adhere to going forward in order to speed up and maintain your newly acquired physiological health and wellbeing.

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