Emotions are powerful drivers of all inner biological reactions, as well as architects of all external experiences triggered by your thought processes. However, despite their intricate connection with your thoughts (conscious activity), they have more meaningful connections with your subconscious faculties, such as intuition for your overall wellbeing and correct guidance in life. In fact they are your true teachers, because they permanently reside in the spectrum of infinite knowledge and through correct interpretation of their messages (intuitive feelings), you always know as to whether you’re on a right track or not.

The stress response is therefore not triggered until a stressor thought gets energised emotionally in relation to the anticipated event. So whenever you have inadequate feelings about something and you procrastinate about it, hence you delay any meaningful action to neutralise it, your subconscious mind will not rest until you finally deal with it. As a matter of the fact, it will go into overdrive (anxiety) and will keep you fully alert until you have resolutely dealt with that problem. Now, let’s evaluate as to what happens when you’re not in charge – who holds the reins? In general terms, although this is not the norm – fear is the main culprit for many shattered dreams, lives and ambitions. Due to your conditioning throughout the life, you may not be fully aware of what is going on behind the curtains (subconscious activities) and this is particularly relevant when you live overly externalised life. Without you knowing – fear could have quite possibly taken the leading role and whether you like it or not, it has probably ruled your life for some time. Naturally, you cannot blame it for every missed opportunity, because it has a very important purpose, which is to keep you alive and safe. However, when it becomes overwhelming and overly protective, it is at this point that you must take action – decide what you want and do it regardless of all disempowering messages and voices that you may hear in your head. Because if you don’t break that barrier, you will be forever governed by fear and it’s ally – limiting beliefs. So the best way forward is to feel the fear and do it anyway and see where will you end up at that point.

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So all you have to do now is to reinvent yourself and you can start doing it by sticking to your improvement programme and keep expanding it further. In that way, you will insulate yourself from debilitating effects of fear. However, even when you have the best plans and you have explored all possible avenues, there is still a possibility that you may experience some forms of stress (anxiety) in the process, regardless of how confident, knowledgable and intuitive you are. Also, if on the other hand you don’t have great belief about your chosen direction, you will inevitably get stressed, because fear will sever all your inner links with your subconscious intuitive guidance.

If this happens, you must keep your final goal at the forefront of your conscious awareness at all times. This means that you must think of nothing but what you want. This will strengthen your belief and your focus. When you learn how to do this, you will always find ways to connect to your inner guidance and intuition for support and that will be the turning point for your success. Naturally, this is not going to be easy, because you will be dominated by fear, but if you look at it in the eyes, it will have no other option but to let you pass and that is the point in which you will claim your victory and increased levels of self confidence.

So how can you do it? You must stay focused, consistent and continue working on your mental/physical relaxation on a daily basis. Also, you must religiously follow other mental and physical exercises that you have in your programme, because they will help you start the process of inner connection. This is like climbing the stairs and if you wish to go to the next level, you must keep adding more to what you’re already doing. In fact it resembles the process of body building in where you take small steps time after time, until you start accomplishing your goals and this where we can help you. Our programme is designed to allow you to constantly keep adding further elements, so that you can confidently deal with most challenges in your life.

Daily practise of mindfulness will help you open the doors to your inner self. In there, you will be able to get in touch with your emotions, which will represent the starting point of your new self. Because all the power that you ever need is right within you and emotions are their primary source. The code is very simple; if you feel good about something – do it. If on the other hand, you do not feel good about something – you could still do it, but you should carefully listen to your intuitive messages along the way.

It is now scientifically proven that people who have good emotional connection form within or high emotional intelligence are better managers and also higher achievers in comparison to those who rely only on their intellect. Because as explained earlier, emotions dwell in the sphere of eternal knowledge, whilst intellect is only limited to what you have learnt and experienced throughout your education, training, work/life experience and other forms of curricular and applied learning.

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