Whenever you have inadequate feelings about something and you procrastinate about it, hence you delay taking meaningful action to neutralise it, your subconscious mind will not rest until you finally deal with it. As a matter of the fact, it will go into overdrive (anxiety) and will keep you fully alert until you have resolutely dealt with that problem. Now, let’s evaluate as to what happens when you’re not in charge – who holds the reins? In general terms, although this is not always the norm – fear is the main culprit for procrastination.
Without you knowing – fear could have quite possibly taken the leading role and whether you like it or not, it has probably ruled many decisions you’ve taken. Naturally, you cannot blame it for every missed opportunity but it’s at this point that you must take action – decide what you want and do it regardless of all disempowering messages and voices that you may hear in your head.

If you don’t break that barrier, you will be forever governed by fear and its ally – limiting beliefs. So the best way forward is to feel the fear and do it anyway and see where you will end up at that point.
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