Forms of Delivery

Group coaching and support can be delivered bespoke or off the shelf, such as our flagship programme Journey into Self Awareness©. If you require bespoke programme and training, we can write one for you or alternatively, we can make required modification to our existing programme, which will meet your specific requirements – the choice is yours.

Individual coaching and mentoring is bespoke and finely tuned programme that is specifically written for the needs of each client. “All details, such as our coaching, learning and application methodology is agreed personally with the client”.

Should you wish to start with our standard programme: Journey into Self Awareness©, we are offering the following:

The Hour of Power is the foundation level. In here, we are teaching fundamentals of mind and body relaxation, as well as release of negative energy and recharge of positive energy. This is also followed by basic principles of “Focus on NOW”, which facilitates introductory levels of thought and emotional controls for easier handling of stress.

Once this part is fully mastered, you shall proceed to the next level in where you will be learning how to manage and neutralise stress and how to become more confident, decisive and empowered.

The next step is to fully control your thoughts for the purpose of creation of desired outcomes in your life. The key focus is always on the present moment with a view to know your final destination. In other words, we are teaching you how to break old non wanted habits and replace them with new and highly useful habits that will enable you create outcomes you desire.

The last step is to fully control your emotions and effectively listen to your intuition, so that you can manifest and live the life you desire.

All these levels involve physical, mental and energy exercises, as well as constant tweaking of your lifestyle that will require daily micro learning and application. All this information is available upon request.

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