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Chronic diseases occur due to consistent abuse of your body by inadequate lifestyle and ill controlled thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, medical professionals do not have time to educate you about the dangers of living such life and instead, all they can do is provide you with health assessments.

By default, we are wired to be negative and if you do not actively work on all aspects of yourself – you will experience unwanted outcomes, as well as ill health. Did you ever make a New Year’s resolution that got you nowhere? If you’re like majority of people, you probably gave up in the first couple of weeks. In fact, recent studies showed that only 8% of people keep their resolutions alive. There are many reasons that can explain this phenomenon, but one resonates more than others: changing our behaviour is hard and most people don’t know how to do it successfully. This represents a big problem, because our inadequate behaviours and unhealthy lifestyles (not genetics) are the number one cause for initiation of majority of chronic diseases. Because people are making wrong choices about their diets, mental conditioning, physical activity, sleep and other health and lifestyle factors. Same studies also highlighted that 85% of the risk of chronic diseases is due to the aforementioned factors and therefore chronic diseases are the biggest threat to our health and existence. So the only solution is to adopt life long learning in order to change your behaviour.

So how can you change your behaviour? It’s simple and yet it’s extremely difficult, because it requires mental and physical discipline to keep you going. In that view, please find herewith

The Biological Model of Change

Familiar Past


New Future

Decide to unlearn


Decide to relearn

Break existing behavioural habits 


Start creating new ones

Disrupt unpleasant thought pattens


Create new ones

Start the process of neurological change


Create new wirings

Unmemorise  the body


Condition the body

Acknowledge your old self


Welcome your new self

Deprogramme unwanted behaviour


Reprogramme wanted behaviour

Stop living in the past/future


Focus on NOW

Release negative energy          


Create new energy for new experiences

There’s a big difference between wanting the benefits of being healthy and consistently engaging in the behaviours that will lead you to be healthy. The main difference is motivation and effective systems and we’ll help you with both. Here is the breakdown of some of the key pointers:

  • Decide to unlearn current behaviours and become persistent in your quest to make a change.
  • Positive psychology will help you work on your strengths to help you make a change.
  • Interrupt your habitual old behaviour and introduce new ones. This will initiate the process of questioning your old ways, hence unlearning of old and creation of new learning.
  • New positive mind conditioning will neurologically wire your new and desired behaviours.
  • Physical exercises will help you enhance your energy and will also initiate the process of relaxation.
  • Regular daily exercising will confuse and disrupt your current sub cellular wiring in your body, which will create the space for creation of new and desired mindset.
  • This will be followed by progressive introduction of new healthy lifestyle, which will include nutrition, hydration, sleep and mental/physical relaxation.
  • We cultivate the culture of “collaborative” trainings and daily interactions and not “expert” advising. The key benefit is that we pass information through discussions, collaborative engagements, questioning, introspections and this ultimately leads to progressive change of your behaviour.

This collaborative approach will empower you to become the primary driver of your own changes. It will also help you build confidence, self-awareness and self-actuation of which all are crucial for your long-term change.

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