Consistent goal achievements, effective communication, prioritisation, focus, creativity and tenacity are some of the traits used by busy executives on a daily basis. I’m sure you will  agree with me that this is very hard to consistently achieve throughout the working day. In that respect, have you managed to objectively observe your own performance variations and emotional ups on a daily basis? If so, do you suffer from reduced productivity and limited cognitive, as well as decision making abilities in the final stages of your working day? If yes, then you are suffering from depleted energy levels, just like everyone else.

So, what is energy? As a human, you are made of an “open energy system” (auric field) or in other words, you represent a series of continuously interacting, multi-dimensional subtle energy fields, which are bilaterally symmetrical and which occupy the wholeness of your body (inside and outside). They flow in the circular motion, up and down from the centre and just below your abdomen. Your mind-soul connection is the only source of your consciousness that runs your bio-computer (brain) and every cell in your body via the endless circulation of energy, which is also known as: Qi (Chinese), Prana (Yogic) and/or Aura (Western).

Intensive daily activities tend to drain your vitality and ability to maintain your top performances at all times, hence variations in your “state of being”. Especially, if very little or almost nothing is done to “re-energise” yourself throughout the day. It is therefore important to understand the energy (the power behind you) and what impact it exerts upon your work performance, health and well-being.

Human energy is generated from four sources: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The physical energy is derived from sleep, food, hydration, exercise and deep abdominal breathing. The emotional energy comes from confidence and enthusiasm. Mental energy is generally associated with the focus, logical thinking and decision-making. Whilst spiritual energy is linked to your deepest believes and values, which are driven by passion, persistence and determination.

Extraordinary performance requires exceptional energy generation and storage for when it’s needed. It is scientifically proven that people who skilfully manage their own energy are the winners. This is one of the key components, which differentiates balanced people from the rest. Effective energy management is not a result of a will power, but rather an inhibited daily routine (ritual).

By introducing principles of performance psychology, physical exercising and correct nutrition, you will become more physically energised, emotionally fulfilled, mentally focused and you will live your core values to increase and sustain higher work performances for greater personal success and at no extra cost to your health or personal happiness.

Performance psychology is a potential “mine field” for inexperienced and therefore, it is highly advisable to seek professional help. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has become a driving force due to its simplicity and practicality. There are many qualified organisations and individuals, but no final decision should be made without thorough self-appraisal about what is specifically needed.

Meditation is simple and yet highly effective psycho-physical exercise, which if practiced regularly will enhance your mental focus, concentration and will rejuvenate your body. Other key benefits of regular meditation are greater energy generation, as well as sharper and more creative cognitive abilities. You can practice it on your own or perhaps with a group of trusted people. There are no rights or wrongs about it. The only advantage of a group meditation is a higher energy generation and its exchange that benefits everyone in the group.

It is a widely recognised fact that physically fitter people tend to outperform their “couch potato” colleagues. They tend to be quicker decision makers, superior at multitasking, information processing and having greater attention to detail. There are two types of physical activities you should consider: general fitness and energy exercises.

Regular visits to your local gym will meet all your needs for physical fitness and endurance. However, how many of you have acknowledged the immense benefits of several ancient healing arts, such as: Yoga, Qi Gong and/or Tai Chi – to name the few, as an effective energy generation mediums? Daily practice of one or several of these disciplines will do you a world of good. In which case, the very first sensation is that your mind becomes quieter and that you start to gain a greater insight into your own mind/body’s connection. This is often achieved through accelerated relaxation and energy generation, which will provide you with the additional stimulus to increase your intellectual and physical stamina for when it’s needed most.

If you wish to achieve the best results, you must exercise daily and that will reward you with greater energy reserves. Most people don’t have time, nor space to exercise. If you’re one of them, you should then seek a professional guidance regarding the best type of high-energy exercises that would be ideal for your circumstances.

You should also get a good understanding of a balanced nutrition and the impact it bears upon your energy levels, moods, thinking process, metabolism and your overall physical performance. Ideally, you should know, as to when, what and how much to eat to provide you with those ideal “energy facilitators” for your type of work. If this is something that might  interest you, then you should carefully evaluate various health and wellbeing programme currently on the market and whether they meet with your specific professional and lifestyle requirements.

In summary, high-energy people are not only healthier and more productive, but they are  living “magnets” to others. They are also perceived as “charismatic”, which in itself generates success not only for themselves, but also for whomever they are associated with.

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