Throughout the history of humankind, it was meticulously recorded that good humour, lightheartedness and regular practise of letting go are the most powerful self-healing instruments given to us by the Mother Nature. The science of psychoneuroimmunology states that regular laughter stimulates body to produce healing chemicals that enhance immune function and reduces pain. It was also stated that our bodies strictly follow our moods, because in conjunction they produce chemicals that will either make us healthy or will bring us closer to our deathbeds.

Carl Jung once stated: “There can be no transformation of Darkness into Light and of Apathy into Movement without Emotion”. This means that our emotional wellbeing is directly responsible for the general state of our health. Every thought, whether it is positive or negative has an impact on our immune systems. People that are regularly drawn into negativity in their lives tend to drain their vitality much quicker and are also more prone to fatal diseases. This phenomenon occurs due to the subdued states of mind, which in return produce poisonous chemicals that are destroying healthy blood cells creating in the process an acute shortage of oxygen and glucose that feed our body cells. In doing so, our cells are starved of these important ingredients required for their healthy regeneration, which leads to narrowing of biological energy lanes and creating the fertile ground for potentially fatal long-term illnesses.

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The American Journal of Medical Science revealed that when people laugh, the body decreases the production of stress hormones, which is then effectively replaced by powerful internal healing hormones. Positive effects of laughter on our bodies and its healing aspects are also used in cancer research studies. It is widely accepted that patients and people with potential to get terminal illness should adopt a regular daily dose of laughter and become positive thinkers in order to boost their internal healing processes.

Faith, forgiveness and letting go are very powerful emotional conditions that are detrimental for proper internal healing. In November 1994, Newsweek reported that 45% of people who meditate feel a sense of sacredness and connection. “The Faith Factor”: An Annotated Bibliography of Clinical Research on Spiritual Subjects (Matthews, 1993) reported that religious factors and beliefs have assisted in several health areas, such as: reduced alcohol consumption, cigarettes, drugs, anxieties, depression, anger, guilt; reduced blood pressure and improved overall quality of life for patients with cancer and heart diseases. In fifteen out of sixteen studies that they have explored, they have concluded that exposure to the practises of faith have actively reduced anxiety levels and hostility. When one brings the benefits of faith to one’s practice of the healing enhancements and self-healing methods, the potential benefits are doubled. What then is our goal when we pray for healing? Are we merely hoping to have a favourable psychological effect on the patient, since a positive attitude facilitates healing or is there something else? Do we believe that god can or will actually intervene in an individual’s physical recovery? Is there a spiritual, possibly even supernatural element to such healing?

In the book of Second Kings, the story is about Naaman, the chief general of the Aramaeans. Naaman is suffering from leprosy. He hears that an Israelite prophet can cure leprosy, so he sends a request to the King of Israel. Naaman asks that the prophet be sent to cure him. The King of Israel is skeptical. He asks: “Am I god, to deal death or give life, that this fellow writes to me to cure a man of leprosy?” The King of Israel is basically saying that Naaman needs a physician, not a prophet. When the prophet hears about it, though, he says that he can help. He asserts that Naaman will be cured if he comes to Israel and bathe in the holy waters of the Jordan river. Eventually, Naaman does so and gets cured. He thanks the prophet, but he praises the one, whom he knows to be the ultimate source of his healing; he praises the god.

Rationally, Naaman could not expect to be healed without pursuing a plan of action. Bathing was indeed the best remedy that the medicine at that time had to offer. Religiously, though, he could not hope to be cured without the help of god. Bathing alone is not sufficient without prayer. Naaman presents us with an excellent model for our own lives. We must always act. When we are ill, we must believe and do everything in our power to seek an effective and lasting healing strategy. The illness did not occur on its own. It came as a result of distorted thoughts, emotional misbalance and persistent self doubt. Science has already confirmed the healing powers of forgiveness and acceptance and that they form an integral part of an effective mind healing. Ancient traditional medical systems believed that holding a grudge and fighting against the natural flow of events drains vitality.

In the most refined systems of self-healing, the ability to forgive and the ability to accept certain inevitable events are considered to be the greatest healers. In some forms of Qi Gong from China and Yoga from India suggest that the ability to forget and surrender are the most elevated forms of healing and are often called soul healers. These systems suggest that when the soul is healed, it automatically clears the mind and this automatically heals the body. When person forgives, certain harmful tensions are released, which prevent potential self-destruction. Also, when one accepts the life events as they are, such as good and not so good – one is liberated from a dangerous inner strain. It is important to note that it is not the unforgiven person that suffers, but rather the unforgiving one. It is also important to note that effective emotional surrender, liberates us from trying to change what obviously cannot be changed. So building a strong emotional flexibility is the key to successful, healthy and long life.

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