Dr. Deepak Chopra, a distinguished quantum biological theorist, medical doctor and a writer has stated in his book “How to know God” that humans and every other living being exist in the following reality sandwich:




Awareness of our reality is constantly flowing from the virtual to quantum and then expressed in the material and then reverting back in the same order. Virtual level houses the eternity of our souls (our consciousness/personality, energy, aura or who and what we are) which then flows down to the quantum (sub-atomic level or mind), through which it shapes desired material forms, hence destinies.
All things are created by flowing energy and energy flows into form according to its vibration. Absolutely everything has its own unique vibration, its own energetic frequency. Energy moves in waves, this is its vibration, the frequency and intensity of its highs and lows.
The above could be easily understood by looking at the sea surface, it is easy to see that the big high waves are more powerful than the small lapping waves. They have gathered force over time, rolling in from far out to sea, gaining momentum and height. This is the same for vibration. The more intense the vibration, the more attracting power it has to pull of the same vibration to it. When it is able to do this, it gains momentum, its energy builds and when it becomes dense enough, it will eventually express itself in the material form.
In other words, calm, focused mind with its unreserved belief will eventually achieve what it has set itself to achieve. Time has no role in this process, as attraction power works on a sheer consistency and belief that the final outcome will eventually become a reality, despite any potential obstacles that might present themselves on the way.photo-1421091242698-34f6ad7fc088
When we translate the above model, we come to realisation that our thoughts and actions shape our destinies and enable us to become who and what we are. In order to reach for the inner gold, me must consciously accept that all the power we seek is already within and that we are the ultimate masters of our own destinies. If you don’t like what you’re getting now – change your thinking and act differently and that will provide you with different results or will ultimately lead you to where you want to go.
Enlightment is the phenomenon, which occurs through the process of constant advancement of personal awareness and knowledge. Our spirits dwell in an eternal plane of knowledge and therefore, we have an open access to anything we seek. It is well recorded in many religious and New Thought books that all we have to do is ask and it will be answered. However, what is important to note is that those answers will appear in higher parts of our being. It will be initiated in the virtual domain and communicated to quantum (mind) or sub-conscious. So, to be able to effectively receive those messages (consciously), you must be in tune with oneself, i.e. develop a good internal self-sensitivity to your own feelings or in other words – paying attention to your intuitive thoughts. Some Far Easter teachings call this phenomenon a “reality river” which is a thought/motivation/drive expressed through action, which creates material form.
Our programme will enable you to eventually become aware of your own “reality river” and with it you will gain the ability to control your thoughts and thus all aspects of your being, starting from health, relationships, personal success and spirituality.
To be able to reach within, you must be able to calm your mind and observe your thoughts, which are floating in your mind at any time and decide as to whether they are useful or not. Your belief system is totally governed by your mind and past behaviours/outcomes, so the ability to bypass some of those “alarming messages” and developing the ability to trust your own intuition is extremely important for successful and fulfilled life.
Modern lives are governed by other people’s opinions, directions, advices, feelings etc. However, what most of us forget is that all the support we need, such as emotional, motivational, intellectual to name the few are already within us, but we have to become aware of it. Highly successful people, who have achieved a perfect equilibrium between “inside and outside” have a well defined internal information system, which they tend to listen to very carefully and which usually never lets them down. How many times have you heard from other people about risks that have paid off many times over? Those people have chosen not to listen to outside world and instead, they have entrusted their destinies to their intuitions and were fully congruent (complete belief) in whatever they were set to do – despite obvious difficulties that presented themselves at times when they made those critical decisions.
Those traits are available to every one of us, but some of us are better than the other to reach within and listen to directions we are always getting from the virtual domain. The pain, uncertainty and various other forms of negative feelings come from detachment from the flow and sticking only to perceived physical reality. That is the biggest contributor to problems of all sorts, which people tend experience now days. When you cut your inner flow of information, you deprive yourself of the life juices that power you to achieving your dreams.
Every religious tradition insists that soul is there to bring an end to suffering and put us on the road to growth and personal enlightment. The same cannot be said about other parts of our personal make-up. The mind, ego, emotions and thoughts can throw us into turmoil and confusion despite all our efforts to reach a clarity and peace from within. So the solution is to attune yourself to your soul and listen carefully to the guidance it will give you and that is precisely what daily practise of our programme will enable you to do.
I’m sure that all of you have experienced a moment of “connection”, when suddenly a thought has surfaced to the forefront of your conscious awareness about something that you were pondering about. How did that happen? In most cases, you were either day dreaming or not having a specific focus on anything in particular and then suddenly, the flash of light in form of an idea/information you were seeking is right in front of you. I’ve heard many people (including myself) say on those occasions, “my bulb has suddenly switched on” or “I can see” or “how did I not come up with that before” or something along those lines. That event has occurred, because the “reality river” flow was established for whatever amount of time and which has enabled you to get an answer to questions you were asking yourself continually.
Sages in the Far East have an expression for the conscious state in which you can get all the answers and directions you need and they call it “internal dweller”. In other words, the person who has the ability to draw from within and enjoy the internal stability, i.e. peace and heaven that comes from within and which is created by the eternal knowledge of your soul. The fear is yet another emotion, which is predominantly born from an internal disconnection and therefore lack of flow of internal knowledge, which would otherwise prevent it.
Whether we are rich, happy, fulfilled, ambitious, unstable, angry, sad etc. has come from somewhere, accepted by us neurologically and then expressed physically in our state of mind and hence behaviour.
So the ultimate quality of life requires individuals to be good internal listeners or dwellers. Just having that ability to draw all the support, strength, knowledge and energy from within oneself is the great door opener for anything you wish to achieve in the physical world we presently occupy.