Meditation ProgrammeProgrammemeditation1Our programme is structured in a nine-module process, which flows from easy to understand to very complex. It follows a simple methodology of evolution, which is important to create the conscious union of the mind, body and the spirit (aura).

The core of our programme is movement, stretching, breathing, energy, nutrition, muscular strength/ elasticity, mental conditioning, will power, resolute and yet fully flexible, determined and compassionate mind, passion, vision, love for oneself, other people, spiritual evolvement, love for nature, life, health, fulfilment and overall happiness.

At the beginning, the process is simple, but as you progress, it will get more demanding due to the complexity of this programme in its more advanced stages. In order for you to follow this programme efficiently, you must learn the basics of physical relaxation, which will facilitate your mental relaxation. This task is not going to be easy, but with a sheer will, determination and daily practise, you will achieve your personal developmental goals. Once you’ve started feeling the benefits of our programme, you will want to experience more and that will be your catalyst for creation of your new (wanted) healthy lifestyle, which you will continue to improve going forward in the future. Over a period of time you will become a human magnet that will radiate positive energy and optimism, which will attract you everything you set your mind, provided you put focus and good work into that process.

All this is not possible without a good method and constant application and understanding of unhelpful states and conditions and being merciless in their daily reconditioning.

If you wish to recreate the lifestyle that will give you longevity, inner peace, happiness, health and mental clarity, then please call us or fill in your details and we will do the rest.

Everything you do is just like a muscle. The more you do it the stronger and more natural it becomes. The same applies to our programme, which starts from simple exercises that will grow in their intensity and complexity as you go on. In order to achieve the kind of personal excellence you aspire for, you must follow your agreed daily training routine.

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