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stones key pointsKey Pointsstones2There are three parts to this programme. The first and most important part is the one that relates to you and your overall wellbeing. When you mastermind this part and you become more proficient in effectively controlling your mind, emotional states and your overall psycho-physiology, you will then slowly become more conscious of your own “light” or your inner greatness.

When you reach this point of self-awareness, you will then be in a much greater position to relate to other people. Because, when you truly start to understand, appreciate and love yourself, you will then be able to truly understand, appreciate and love other people. This skill has nowadays become a practical necessity and it will continue to grow in importance in the future. Because, the overall “human” consciousness is constantly increasing and with that we are all becoming more and more dependent on each other for personal growth and fulfilment. Just knowing your ways to skilfully manage all sorts of relationships will bring you immense satisfaction and success in life.

The last part of this training programme is dedicated to understanding your connection with everything else in existence and beyond. This means that you will be learning about the universal consciousness and its importance for your personal growth and wellbeing. This will represent the last link in the circle of the holistic awareness of yourself and when fully grasped, it will allow you to get good understanding of your true self and of your limitless potential to do almost anything you wish in this lifetime.

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