Espirit-6 mindMindEspirit 6Mind is the primal knowledge engraved in your DNA, which was created the moment you were conceived. In other words, every cell in your body is conscious and together they create the collective consciousness (driven by spirit/energy/information) to which we commonly refer to as Mind. This sophisticated bio-chemical process of constant evolution is controlled by the spirit through brain (most molecularly dense organ in your body). It also facilitates your consciousness, thought, perception, memory and all unconscious biological functions. The conscious side of the mind has three important parts related to your decision making, which influences the quality of your life: Logic, Intuition and Emotion.

In order for you to achieve top results in anything you do, you must understand the complex link between these three highly intertwined mental faculties. If you are like other people, you are over dependent on your logic (conscious knowledge) at the expense of how you feel (emotion) and sense (intuition of which both represent unconscious knowledge). Why is that?

The only sound explanation could be that like everyone else, you were conditioned to do so. Perhaps, you were always asked to think carefully about something and methodically evaluate all facts before making a decision. As good as this approach might seem, it will not always present you with the best solutions. Because the logical thinking relies entirely on your conscious knowledge or the sum total of your life’s experiences and skills. On the other hand, “intuition” together with “emotions” (unconscious faculties) will give you very accurate understanding of any given subject/s, provided you know how to correctly interpret their messages. This is because those two mental faculties resonate at extremely high frequency ranges and have an access to sources of eternal knowledge, which are inaccessible to frequencies of logical thinking. So to be able to interpret them correctly, you must learn about intrinsic interconnectedness of all parts of yourself and adopt totally open and trusting mind. In which case, the best way to deal with anything is to “feel good” (intuition and emotion) about the “big picture” and then logically break it down (logical thinking) using your present conscious knowledge and skills, until you shape that mental picture into your physical reality.

The importance of Thoughts

The only way to eternal freedom is to learn to effectively programme your unconscious mind through works of mental imagination and positive emotions expressed through complete belief about the final outcome. Recently, I have spoken with the university professor who admitted that he knows that by simply changing his belief system and effectively controlling his thoughts, he will improve the quality of his life. However, he has also admitted that he didn’t know how to do it, which is precisely what our programme does. We will show you how to progressively and permanently make those positive advancements in your life, using proven holistic teachings, strategies and techniques. Your life changing experiences will enfold the moment you start learning about limitless powers that lay within your unconscious mind and that anything is possible, when you start applying techniques of “positive thinking”.

Like anything in life, you must believe in the final outcomes, even though  some of them might seem unrealistic at this moment. This could be an extremely difficult task for some people, as we are conditioned to dwell in negative thoughts, which always attract negative outcomes. It usually takes a lot of mental power and prowess to control thoughts and look at events in life from a more positive perspective. But when you finally manage to adopt more positive stance in life, your life will take a dramatic turn for better and you will start seeing more positive events and results happening in your life.

You are what you think on a daily basis

Everything in this universe works under the exact laws and all you have to do is to learn the law that applies to your mind programming. It is that simple. The law of your mind is the law of what you believe. This means that you must have unconditional belief about something, which is always expressed in your daily thoughts. All your experiences, events, conditions and actions are produced by your unconscious mind in reaction to your daily thoughts. Please note that results do not come by a simple conscious belief in certain things, but by your unconscious knowledge (complete certainty) about desired results. So the starting point is that you must chose to accept unlimited abundance that comes from your free and creative unconscious mind and that limits only exist because you have so decided.

Every thought is the cause and every outcome is the effect. So in order to be successful in life, you must learn to effectively control your thoughts and you must also have a great delivery plan that will encompass all parts of your life. All this and much more, you will learn in the first part of our programme, which we have named “Understand yourself”.

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