jump on BodyBodyjump on1Your body is the neuro-physiological vessel that houses your mind and spirit. It is the physical form in which your spirit (your consciousness) experiences the sensation of life in the physical world we currently live.

As stated earlier, your body reflects your inner emotional states and prevailing thoughts and it is therefore important that you periodically appraise your state of health:

  • Do you regularly suffer from common colds (flu) or some niggling illnesses?
  • Do you have problems with bulging waste line?
  • Do you suffer from regular feelings of lethargy and lifelessness?
  • Do you suffer from headaches, palpitations and feelings of hot and bothered?
  • Do you have problems with high blood pressure, diabetes, slow digestion or some other forms of stress related dysfunctions?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, than you must properly evaluate your lifestyle and the way you look after your body and your health. The key aspects you must always consider are your diet, water intake, effective physical and mental relaxation, exercising, energy regeneration and sleep. Most people do take these things for granted and tend to live their lives on the “edge”. Naturally, this is not the best way to go about things and  if left unattended, you will eventually suffer some forms of discomforts, as per above. So the most effective solution is to come up with good understanding of your own physiological and psychological needs and create a daily plan, which will give you the full control over how you manage your daily life.

Did you know that common colds (flu) are the barometer of how well you look after yourself?This is because, colds often take place when your body reaches intolerable levels of intoxication and it is then forced to shut itself down to start the process of “self cleansing”. When this happens, your body starts to increase its temperature in order to fight two issues simultaneously: cellular intoxication and rampant bacterias/viruses that are intent to take over. Needless to say that that your body uses all tools at its disposal to bring things to normality, thus exerting phenomenal amount of metabolic energy in the process. We acknowledge this state as illness and to be able to prevent this from happening, you must learn techniques to keep your body in a perfectly alkaline condition. Because, alkaline condition prevents any development of bacterias, viruses, moulds etc. So, when you achieve this objective, you will then be in a much stronger position to allow your body to self regulate to achieve its optimal performance levels, hence wellbeing.

In addition to above, you will learn to effectively generate and store energy for greater mental and physical focus and endurance. You will also learn how to massage your inner organs for better digestion, stronger immune system and vitality, as well as better controlling your sleep, rest and relaxation patterns. You will also practise other holistic health exercises, throughout all three modules of the Level One of this training programme, that will further  consolidate and enhance aforementioned health benefits.

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