Physical and Mental Relaxation

kids.jpgp physical and mental relaxationPhysical and Mental RelaxationkidsBreathing represents one of the key components in the overall energy re-generation, as breath is a dynamo, which creates new/higher levels of biological energy. Correct and deep abdominal breathing provides improved oxygen supply into your blood stream, which in turn calms your central nervous system and allows it to work less strenuously, thus releasing chemicals into your blood stream which promotes greater muscle relaxation and energy circulation. This process of overall physical relaxation has tremendous benefits for your mind, as your subconscious is less occupied managing tensed muscles thus creates overall sense of calm and peace holistically.

Process explained above helps your body to regenerate and re-energise a lot quicker. When you adequately mastermind this process, it will provide you with greater learning ability, lateral and analytical thinking, problem solving skills, anticipation or greater awareness of the “third eye”, which is closely linked to your psychic abilities.

Muscular strength and elasticity brings multiple benefits for your body, which not only keep you younger, toned and in better shape, but also facilitates greater mental flexibility, understanding and compassion. This guarantees greater quality of life at every level – from relationships to business and leisure.

The importance of thoughts can be explained in the work by Dr. Elmer Green of the Menninger Foundation (USA), who has studied brain frequencies and effects it bears on human behaviour and health. He has singled out four different patterns, which are coded in Greek letters.

Beta pattern: This is the fastest pattern ranging from 13 –100 Hz (cycles per second). This is regarded as the common pattern of normal waking consciousness and is associated with alertness, arousal and concentration.

Alpha Pattern: This is somehow slower pattern ranging from 8 – 12.9 Hz and normally occurs when we close our eyes and start the process of relaxation.

Theta Pattern: This pattern operates on even slower frequencies ranging between 4 –7.9 Hz. This pattern is also known as “Rapid Eye Movement”, which is dreaming sleep or hypnagogic state.

Delta Pattern: This is the slowest pattern ranging between 0.1 – 3.9 Hz. It is the pattern of dreamless sleep. It is widely assumed that in this state we tend to reach what Carl Gustav Jung called “collective unconscious” shared by all humans (the universal oneness).

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