The extraordinary quality of life comes from greater self-awareness and ability to tune into oneself at will.

In order to be able to do that, you must first consciously acknowledge how busy your mind is and how much mental/physical stress you exert on yourself and what impact it has on your health and wellbeing. In addition, you must be aware of your diet, physical exercise, sleep, rest and leisure patterns. In the nutshell, at any moment you must know what is going on within you and whether it is useful to you or not.

Your body is an incredibly sophisticated biological unit and therefore everything from within is totally interdependent. Hence our exercises and routines are specifically designed to work on the “whole”, even though they might seem to be targeting one specific area/part of the body at the time. Your thoughts play an immense part of your general health. If you ponder yourself with regular doses of unhealthy “negative thoughts”, your brain will release more “cortisol” (also known as “stress chemical”) into your blood stream. It will cause muscular tensions, which will start the process of reduction of the width of energy lanes, which circulate in your body.

It will also poison your blood stream by increasing its acidity, which in turn will increase production of cholesterol to protect the walls of your arteries and veins from further damage caused by acidic blood.  With further restricted energy flow, you tend to become more tired, lethargic, slow thinking, sleepy, lifeless etc. This altogether triggers the process of depleted cellular regeneration, which over period of time inevitably leads to illnesses or metabolic dysfunctions – depending upon the length of time you have exposed your body to this type of treatment. As your mind, body and spirit (energy) are one, so any deficiency (blockage) at the cellular level (illness or start of a future dysfunction) will automatically impact upon your mind (unconscious first and at the very late stages – conscious) and thus energy circulation within it.

As a consequence, your mind will be unconsciously less efficient, as it will relentlessly work to resolve any metabolic dysfunction(s) from the very beginning. The conscious effects will be lack of concentration, restlessness and possibly fear, anger etc, coupled with tiredness, lethargy and “can’t be bothered attitude”. It is therefore imperative that you learn to become more intuitive about your own health, thus consciously noticing your daily thought process, stress levels, levels of physical exercise, rest, sleep and nutrition. Our programme is designed to specifically address those psychological and physiological needs.

In order to reflect what was said above, our healthy lifestyle model could also be presented in this more practical (circular) form:

The above graphic is expressed in a similar manner in which energy circulates our bodies. As we inherently form part of a natural life cycle, so our biological processes are expressed in a circular form. As already explained, our bodies are made of a complex system of mind, body and life’s energy (Aura, Prana or Chi) – and they are engulfed into one another, so our curriculum is designed in the similar fashion. As Our biological energy and all internal organs constantly work for duration of our lives – so we suggest you take similar approach when you decide to join us. You will be asked to work regularly on your self-improvement through daily exercising and implementation of strategies taught in our courses and consciously adopt it as part of your new healthy lifestyle.

In order to mastermind the ultimate quality of life, it is important to acknowledge and understand the internal workings of life’s energy, which circulates our bodies and makes us function at the core (cellular) level and therefore keep our vital organs in top working order. The ageing is a natural process, which occurs due to depleted cellular re-generation cycles in our bodies, which is a direct consequence of reduced/narrowed energy circulation in our bodies. This is a genetic programme, which occurs in every living being and in matter overall. However, the whole process can be slowed down and hence our lives and health conditions could be improved and lives potentially prolonged. But, in order to do so, we must consciously accept that we want to improve and live our lives the way we should. Only then will practical application of routines and strategies explained in our programmes make significant impact in your life.

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