The pace of modern life with its ever-increasing technological advances presents a number of people with rising dilemma about how they will successfully cope with it in the future. It is a well documented fact that most of us are already overstressed and surprisingly, we accept it as part of our everyday lives. But, do we really need to do that? Is that the right way forward? Humans are not biologically designed, nor wired to cope successfully with such intensive lifestyles and mental stresses. Our biological make-up certainly cannot accept it. So, why do we let it go unchallenged?

The answer might lie in our belief that health is given and for as long as we keep everything else in good order and continue achieving our external goals, internally we will be fine. This strategy might work for some people, whilst others might crumble quicker. It is a form of personal gamble, but at the end, it catches up with all of us. The pressures of the material world are slowly ripping into the integrative links of our own beings, which permeates on all planes of our existence. In here, I’m talking about a disruption of internal relationship of mind, body and soul, which is the essence of our emotional fulfilment, integrity and happiness.

How many times have you heard “successful” people claiming that they feel “drained and empty” at the peak of their successes? How is that possible? They have achieved everything there is to be achieved: money, fame, social standing etc, but despite all that, most of them feel deep inside the sensation of disconnectedness and emptiness. That might be because they were too narrowly focused (which is good in one way) on achieving their goals (external), but at the same time, they have totally neglected their own psycho-physiological needs (internal).

Our consciousness/awareness is directly linked to our souls and therefore, we must carefully balance our internal, as well as external needs. Any excessive focus either way is not the solution, nor purpose of our physical lives. We are here to experience physically, what we know virtually, but it has to be done in such a way that all our senses are satisfied and properly utilised.yin and yang

Pressures of the material world are forcing us to neglect and discriminate the essence of “who we are” and that is the key cause of emotional misbalance, which we often experience during our lifetimes. There are many variables in each person’s lives, but the most common denominator that governs our behaviour is the “fear of failure”. It is widely accepted mental condition, and yet only few question its existence and whether we need to bow to enormous psychological pressures, it exerts upon us daily. This is due to the fact that we simply do not give enough time to reflect upon our own needs and what is it that we are looking to achieve.

Failure to understand oneself often results in various forms of anxieties and personal dissatisfactions, which over period of time create rather unwanted psycho-physiological conditions. Physical inactivity and bad diets tend to worsen those conditions further. It is a well-documented fact that some people cope with stresses and life pressures better than others, but even those with stronger personal defences have limitations. So what happens next? The most radical punishment is the loss of health. When someone gets to that point, it often leads to financial/family problems and downward spiral starts. Loss of health equates to life lost opportunities and that is something that perhaps could have been easily prevented. If only those symptoms were recognised earlier and due attention was given toward its prevention. However, in order to kick-start the processes of recovery, we must consciously accept that there are unresolved issues which we must address and decisively eliminate.

Not everything in life looks as bleak as described above, but facts stand – we need to pay more attention to our own personal quality of life and achieve that so much needed balance. General health cannot be taken for granted and therefore, it is our social responsibility to keep ourselves healthy, as in doing so, we will help our loved ones and the society, overall.

In order for any one of us to excel in this ever-demanding world, we need to grasp a good understanding of oneself first. Everything else will follow in a perfect universal order. Sound personal health and well-being have no price, nor should it ever be questioned. We must work daily on every part of our personal make-up in order to achieve that so much sought after personal fulfilment and happiness. The key element of one’s eternal happiness and overall health is to find balance in lifelong learning and personal development, which will ultimately lead to “enlightenment”, which is the only purpose of our physical existence.

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