Worries about money and constant financial insecurity makes lot of people unnecessarily stressed about how to make their own ends meet. The worst part in this process is that most people feel powerless to make adequate changes, because of their constant mental fixations on how to pay their bills and keep their roofs over their heads. If you’re one of those people, I presume you know how it feels and how painful this situation can be for you and your loved ones. Because this decline didn’t happen over night, but rather over a longer period of time in which you didn’t effectively control your thoughts, emotions and motivational states, hence you have attracted corresponding circumstances. This was all made possible by your overwhelming dwelling in the outside world and accepting those external outcomes as your reality. Those beliefs have led you into a constant state of mental, physical and environmental decline, which is now reflected in your negative mental state, negative spoken language and low self esteem expressed in your paralyses to deal with these issues. So what do you do now?

There are number of steps, which you can take to resume your own power. The first step is that you must start trusting yourself unconditionally. The only way you can do this is to learn to relax both mentally and physically, in which case you will be able to connect to your inner knowing. This will represent the turning point in your ability to see things beyond what’s currently visible in the material form. When you do this, you will then be able to fantasise and see images in your head of where you truly want to be in the future. Then you must create good personal development plan, which you must execute to the dot. This will then help you gain more confidence and in return it will help you progressively improve your health and wellbeing. The final product is “clear head” and stronger self belief and awareness of your personal potential and what you are capable to achieve when you start going “inside”.

In that respect there are two key parts, which you should consider: personal conditioning which is necessary to enable you to get more positive and empowering state of mind and also practical plan that will help you control and reduce your outgoings, hence stabilisation of your situation. So without any further delay, let’s evaluate the following options:

Personal development plan:

You must learn some powerful relaxation, mental visualisation and personal empowerment techniques that will help you to:
Control your negative thought process and eventually replace it with more positive and personally uplifting thoughts.
At that point you must create the plan on how to get yourself out of the current situation and focus only on working that plan out and nothing else.
When you’re working on that plan, you must strictly observe the language you are using and in particular on words like: I must, I will, I can, I am etc…
You must at all times stay in the present moment or NOW. What has happened yesterday is no longer valid and what will happen tomorrow is not that important right NOW, because you can influence it, if you do something about it right NOW. So stop wasting time on worrying, but rather FOCUS on what you want and what you can control!

When in this mode, you must stay positive and mentally control your thoughts and evaluate them for purpose. You’re the creator and whatever you set your focus on – you will attract.
Reclaim your power by being you and knowing that you can do anything you want, provided you believe in yourself and that you can do whatever you decide you want to do. In so doing you must remove your expectations from other people, because they all have their own lives and you must live your’s and take the full responsibility for your own deeds.
When you manage to reclaim your power, you should then adopt mentality of wealth creation, which comes from the process of personal empowerment. You have got yourself into debt due to the consistent lack of self belief and inability to “feel” your own power. Reclaim it and decide that you are now wealthy and fantasise vividly about it and take action to make it happen.

When you have successfully completed this part, you should then focus on:

What are the key points that are stressing you out or more precisely – why did you allow yourself to get into this situation (debt) in the first place? What were the reasons?
Please note that at that time, it was probably the right decision, but it is no longer appropriate for you right NOW and therefore you must let it go and adopt a new set of values that will help you achieve what you desire. When you do this, you will then find the way to motivate yourself to achieve your newly set plan.

Then you must “Act As If” and give it a positive spin, so that you stay totally focused on what you wish to achieve and control your thoughts and emotions in the process.
In order to do this and stay motivated, you must break down your goal/s into a number of small manageable action points that can be easily assessed and measured for purpose.
The above means that you must evaluate your current income levels and your spending and how it all relates to your situation and how you can discipline yourself to get things done within agreed time frames.

When in this situation, you’re always advised to harness the power of a group who can help and guide you along the way. That will represent an invaluable support when you need it the most.

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