Health is the only way in which we live our lives to the full and the following tips will enable you to start that process:

  • Do you observe your predominant thoughts, emotions and moods? They are good indicators of whether you’re aligned or not. If not, it means that you are dwelling in negativity, which is the first sign that something is not right. Immediately start observing your daily actions and what you do on a daily basis that is causing you to feel negative. Is it procrastination, thinking about what happened yesterday or something that has nothing to do with your present reality? Stop and focus on what you are doing NOW and on what you can control.
  • Do you observe your breath patterns and the manner in which you breath? In order to help you improve your mental states, you should set on the side at least two to three minutes every hour to perform your deep abdominal breathing. This will help you calm your sympathetic nervous system and will also help you relax your whole body and mind for the purpose of thinking more clearly and having greater mental focus.
  • Do you take mental notice of your posture whenever you are seated, standing and/or walking? If your back is not straight at all times, you are effectively “squeezing” your inner organs and in particular you’re interfering with your ability to breath correctly. As such, you are making your back muscles work harder, which over a period of time will lead to chronic back problems and other dysfunctions.
  • Are you aware of your caffeine intake on a daily basis? If not, then you should start journaling your consumption and how you feel one hour after you have consumed caffeinated products, because they contribute toward dehydration and you being out of balance.
  • Do you take mental notice of the type of foods you are eating habitually? How do you feel after those meals? Do you feel light and energised or something else? Also, do you take notice of your snacking habits and the foods you like to snack? How much sugar and salt do you intake during the day? These are all contributors that are directly affecting your mental and physical health. As you already know, high calorie foods are definitely not applicable for sedentary and office based positions. Instead, you should aim to eat highly nutritious and calorie moderate meals in order to keep you energised, light, healthy, alert and productive.
  • What are you doing to strengthen and energise your body and mind? Apart from high intensity exercises, such as: weight lifting, running, swimming, cycling, hiking etc… do you meditate and practise Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and other forms of Far Eastern healing arts?

When you develop the habit to look after your own health and wellbeing, you will see enormous improvements in your overall levels of personal confidence, happiness, attitude to life, work and other people. There is much more to life than just focusing on your external life. Looking after your inner self should be your primary focus, because without being the best you can be, you will not last long to have great and meaningful external life. The choice is yours.If you wish to be the best you can be, then connect with me on LinkedIn and join in #hourofpower or call me on 07984001228 for more information.