As discussed in the previous article, external stressors are usually caused by negative expectations of some future events and the uncertainty of what’s ahead. This was all caused by your subconscious connection to some similar events that have taken place in your past and which you’re now linking to those imaginary future events. Thought is the starting point for anything to happen and therefore you must first think, visualise and imagine all possible unpleasant scenarios for you to get stressed. Thought on its own doesn’t have the power to initiate required “stress” reaction, but if that thought is not effectively controlled and you allow it to keep repeating itself over and over again – it will trigger an emotional response. This will be the starting point for you to start attracting whatever it is you’re focusing mentally, regardless of whether it is something that you want or not, which reaffirms the old quote – “beware of what you wish or think about”.kids

Thought control is essential for successful life, but it’s extremely difficult to achieve. This is particularly relevant if you work on tight deadlines and have very little time for introspection. Unless of course you decide to “create some time” during your busy schedules to reflect and refresh for new challenges ahead. The main reason as to why this gets difficult is because of the lost “connection from within”, which was exasperated by constant information processing and effective lack of inner congruency. In this case, your brain operates at its higher frequency range of 50Hz + which is usually associated with excessive “externalised dwelling”. This represents the point in where you exert very little control over your cognitive drivers, hence you become overly focused on the outside world. The danger of being in this state is that you are literally giving your power to the external circumstances/people, which remotely dictate your thought processes and emotional responses. It is at this point that most people experience negative effects of stress caused by distorted information flow at the sub cellular level, which are primary causes of future illnesses. Just like anything in this reality, everything is slowed down for your own protection and therefore, it usually takes a long time before you start seeing and feeling first symptoms of discomfort and illness. Likewise, when you decide to turn the corner and make a difference in your life, it will take you time and effort to turn things around. But if you stay persistent and you continue to trust yourself – you will win at the end.

As stated before, meditation and good daily health routine will help you stabilise your brain waves and with it you will be able to consciously notice your prevailing thoughts. When you achieve this level of self control, you should carefully evaluate your most dominant thoughts. Compare them to what you’re experiencing right now and whether they serve you a purpose. If not, then you must allow them to disappear from your conscious screen without further attachments. This is not going to be easy, but with good mental discipline and relaxation strategy, you will eventually do it with ease. In so doing, you must let them leave unchallenged, because otherwise you will empower them emotionally and that is something that you will want to avoid at all costs. Particularly if you dwell on them long enough to start attracting those non desired realities.

This represents the second stage in your daily health planning routine and in our courses, we will provide with detailed strategy and techniques that you will need to apply on a daily basis, until it becomes your second nature and you start doing it on an autopilot. Because the secret is to keep your focus solely on what you want and nothing else.

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