I am sure that you, just like many other people around you must have made a number of painful mistakes in your life. Many of us have been there and there’s nothing wrong with making them, but what was your emotional reaction? Did you sit down and analyse what went wrong and what you could have done differently or did you simply blame circumstances and other people? The reason I’m asking this question is because majority of people still shy away from making mistakes or going through the process of experimental learning, because they prefer to play it safe. But in reality, if you don’t give yourself freedom to try different things, how will you learn and expand your skill sets and awareness horizons? Albert Einstein once said: “a person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”. Why so many people still shy away from taking risks and learning from outcomes they come with? I guess it all comes down to the fact that most of us are hardwired to learn from books, usual curriculums in schools, colleges, universities and other forms of education. In which case, we are all trained to be robotic, prescriptive and predictable, so that we can all be measured and controlled by existing norms and performance standards. But let’s face it – is this the best way to learn? The answer depends on who you ask, but nobody can deny the fact that true knowledge comes from experience or application, whilst academic/theoretical knowledge is simply information.

If we look at this perceptual model, no matter what you do in life, you will be judged. So if this is the case, why not get some flair and decide to be experimental? At the end of the day, what have you got to lose? Every successful person has gone through number of obstacles and difficult situations before he/she has finally struck the gold. Judging has temporary debilitating influence, but you shouldn’t allow it to stop you from making mistakes for as long as you learn from them. Because, when you adopt the principle of trial and denial, you will develop an incredible skill to accept failure, as the stepping stone towards acquisition of knowledge. The pain of making mistakes doesn’t last long, but pleasure of achieving your dreams lasts forever.

In the moment when you experience the pain of repeated situation, the usual response from majority of people is to analyse external factors that have contributed to that pain. That in itself is futile strategy and complete waste of time, because everything in this reality is made of two things: cause and effect. The pain comes from focusing on effect rather than understanding and dealing with the cause. This is of course not easy, because you must have complete control of your thoughts and emotions. It is only at that point that you can analyse your true needs and why you are constantly experiencing the same outcomes. There is probably a lesson that you refuse to learn and subconsciously you seem to do everything possible to attract similar situations in order to finally learn that lesson and move on. Naturally when you finally “cross that bridge”, you will change your thought process and other motivational factors that will influence your behaviour and that will lead you in a different direction.

Also, if you’re not a natural risk taker, but you wish to become free and more adventurous, you should seek people that share similar ambitions to yours, but have different skills, so you can all work together as a team and cover each other’s weaknesses. This will give you strength, motivation and additional energy to carry on regardless of initial results. Because together you will not only support each other, but you will effectively analyse your group/individual progress and decide about the next steps. In this way, you will slowly build your self esteem, which will help you become more inquisitive, adventurous and self assuring. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will ever hit the jackpot in the first attempts, but at least you will be aiming with a greater confidence and knowledge to deal with all types of obstacles that might come your way. It is only at this point that you will start learning from your mistakes and will use them as your guides toward your final destination.

The best experiences in life are always hidden at the very ends of your comfort zone and therefore, you must learn to accept temporary pain in order to achieve long term pleasure of achievement. If you start something with a negative outlook and weak self belief, it is highly likely that you will never accept mistakes as your learning guides. It is for that reason that you must become more self trusting and confident and constantly keep stretching your existing levels of pain. Because it is through this moving target you will see at some point the beauty of life and more importantly of what you are capable to achieve, when you truly believe in yourself.

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