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The Importance of Goals

Everything in this reality was created from the inner workings of two polarities: cause and effect. The main reason as to why some people do not live their lives to the full is because they are overly focused on effects, which represent their past thoughts and emotions, hence directions they have taken in their lives. As Einstein once said, the definition of insanity is to do same things over and over again and expect different results. If you wish to make meaningful changes, you must first understand the route cause of your problems, find solutions and then decide about the next steps. Put that plan together and carefully execute it by measuring results and more importantly the effectiveness of the methodology that you have used for its creation.

I believe that you’re totally familiar with the importance of goal setting and how to do it. I’m sure that you are already having goals of some sort, because they give you a sense of direction and assurance that you know what needs to be done to make them your reality. So the best way to get started is to write them down, because when you do so, you’re effectively creating an agreement with yourself or a contract of what you expect from yourself to achieve. The next stage in creating this commitment to yourself is to be as specific as possible, something like clear definition of your vision, why you want it, when will you achieve it and how will you feel when you achieve it etc… You may also add skills and traits that you will need in order to achieve that objective, as well as people who can help you with it etc… In essence, you should aim to put as much details as possible, as devil is in the detail. In order to explain this better, imagine you want to go on a holiday, but you don’t know where/when and how you will get there and all other things that come with proper holiday planning. I know it’s obvious, but that’s precisely how your subconscious mind works and the more specific you’re, the more chance you stand to get there eventually. Thirdly – you must “elicit your own power” and do something about it on a daily basis. This is because many people expect others to do the work for them and so procrastinate. Instead you must do it all by yourself in the initial stages and everything else will follow thereafter.shutterstock_210860395.jpg {focus_keyword}The Importance of Goalsshutterstock 210860395Now let’s take aforementioned example and assume that you have decided about the date of your holiday and other things, but strangely you didn’t specify the destination. So you go to the airport and you chose the airline and then what? You have achieved your objective of securing your flight, but anything after that has not been planned? You may feel slightly disgruntled, but you accept whatever comes your way, because you have omitted to plan all required details. I guess this could be said for most of us. We tend to put too much emphasis on one thing and forget about others and then we feel let down.

As seen in this example, you wanted to go on holiday, but you didn’t put enough details to enable you to get precisely where you originally wanted. As this is the case, I will classify this as a non specific goal, which has only partially met with your objectives. This is precisely the reason as to why non specific goals don’t produce desired results. Because they are not set up correctly and followed methodically and thoroughly by being regularly revised during the process of execution. This is important as you cannot state all details at the very beginning, because in most instances you’re not aware of them. But as you work through your goal, you are picking up the pieces that weren’t originally available, hence necessity for regular updates.

This technique will help you stay fully congruent and in charge of your thoughts/emotions, because the road will be bumpy and the crystal clear vision will keep you energised to achieve your objectives. I know that most of you will be scratching your heads at this point, but how many of you are truly following this practise, whilst you’re working on your goals? I can tell you that I knew about this for a long time, but I truly never followed it to the dot. Why? Because I was too “busy” living the ordinary reality and battling “effects”, as oppose to carefully planning and focusing on exactly what I want (the cause). It took me long time to discipline myself and make that crucial decision that I must make relevant changes, if I wanted to make a required change. I was one of those who knew what I didn’t want, as oppose to What I Want! The real change started the moment I decided to focus on what I want and ignore all unnecessary distractions. It’s only at that point that I started making significant contributions in my life.

Now that you know what you want and you have worked on yourself to focus only on that objective – you need to create that plan. I know that I’m stating the obvious, but if you are like me, you must find it hard to put it together. So how can you do it?

Firstly – you must decide that you truly want to make a difference in your life. Then you need to create that laser like focus (total mental congruency and resilience) which will help you achieve your objectives. The best way to start disciplining yourself is to become good at practising various forms of mindfulness, which will help you regulate your brain waves for greater mental clarity. When you manage to achieve that silence in your mind, you must then ask yourself a number of highly specific questions, which you must then listen very carefully. Usually the very first answer that surfaces to your conscious awareness is the correct one and  you must write it down immediately. In order to do this correctly, you must control your levels of relaxation, so that you do not go too deep, but rather you keep yourself floating on the borders of your conscious awareness, so that you can write those answers down. Also, you must never analyse any answers you get, because that will invalidate the process and you will write distorted information instead.

Complete relaxation and good control of your thoughts and emotions will enable you to reach the “eternal wisdom” of your subconscious mind and that is something that you must nurture and look after with greatest of care. However, getting to that stage is extremely difficult and if you’re not used to it, there is a chance that it will take you a while to master it. This is because our overly “externalised” way of living heavily prohibits our attempts to calm down and “listen” for that inner guidance, because it keeps insisting that everything you need is “outside” of your being, which is not true. In fact it’s the other way around and everything you need is right within your own being, but you must find that connection from within in order to interact with it correctly.  If this is something that you would like to learn more about, please visit our website or call Bosko on 07984001229 for more information.

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