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Think and Act “As If”

Highly acclaimed US psychiatrist William James has once said that our unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between the physical reality, imagination, visualisation and when you act “AS IF”. So what does this mean? The explanation at its basic level is very simple, but due to the complexity of the material world and hidden aspects of the “true reality”, it makes this a little bit more complicated. So without wasting much of our valuable time, let’s state what humanity knew for eons; “material reality” is nothing but a cleverly disguised illusion.

This means that what we perceive as solid is not so in a “true reality”. I’m sure that you’re now totally confused and should I say doubting my sanity for what I’ve just shared with you. Particularly, when solid and material aspects of this realty are so open for everyone to see, because you can perfectly see, feel, smell, taste, hear etc… with all your sensory faculties. The science of quantum physics has already explained that all matter is made of molecules, who are composed of atoms and within the structure of every atom there is a nucleus of protons and neutrons, which are orbited by electrons. However, when you drill deeper within their structure, you will find tiny filaments of light called super strings, which occupy the total entirety of the time-space quantum. But if you continue to drill further down, you will find only two elements: wave and particle of which both are “energy”or simple electrical charge. This means that there is nothing solid about this world, except that it is electrically charged hologram, which gives the impression of “solidity, hence material reality”. Since this is the case, I find it quite amusing that I have spent a good part of my life worrying about outside reality, as oppose to focusing on what I truly want, see it in my mind’s eye and relentlessly work on it on a daily basis

Previously, we have talked about motivational aspects of oneself, own self belief, goals and focus and now we need to talk about the key component that links them all. It comes from your controlled thoughts and emotions and is very productive when you know what you want and you allow yourself to visualise and imagine (create pictures in your mind). Apart from this technique, there is another one, which is as equally important and it’s called “As If”.

As already discussed, your thoughts powered by emotions have a magical ability to drive things in a direction they are focused. This means that they vibrate in the hidden world of sub matter in where the physical reality is created. So when you know how to control your thoughts by deciding what you want, you then visualise them (see things you have already experienced) or imagine them (see things that you haven’t done, but you wish to do) and in so doing, you are effectively directing those energies in desired directions. Please note that manifestations in the physical reality are slowed down for your own protection and therefore you must allow “sufficient time” for them to materialise. Another important factor to consider is that you must have complete inner congruency from within. If you pertain a tiny element of doubt about what you wish to materialise – it will take you a lot longer to materialise or it might never turn up and this is something that we teach in greater details in our programme. So, if you wish to give this a go, you must then incorporate this into your daily mindfulness routine and when you learn to control your thoughts, you will then become oblivious of your inner chatter box telling you all sort of things. You will acknowledge them, but you will not accept them and emotionally charge them. It will not be easy at the beginnifriendsone believe and act as if it were impossible to failThink and Act "As If"friendsone1ng, but with the great dose of daily practise, it will become your second nature.

The second aspect that’s equally crucial for manifestation of your desires is to act “As If”. The main reason as to why this is important is because your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what’s “real” and what isn’t. Hence it follows those energetic instructions and ensures that they’re fully delivered as commanded. It works on the basis that if you act in a certain way, it is already part of your reality and therefore, it engages with whatever it is that you vibrating at and attracts it to you automatically. The key in here is that you keep vibrating at those specific frequencies at all times. Whenever you experience doubts, you will cut that flow off and depending on the frequency and strength of your doubts, you might find it difficult to restart them again. So you must ensure complete energetic consistency in order to allow this technique to produce meaningful results. If you manage to do so for a required period of time, you will materialise it in the physical form. It works on the principles that were already explained in the book/movie “The Secret”, which was extremely well received when it was first launched. However, despite all this knowledge and various “attraction techniques” that were known to humanity since eons, people still remain sceptical about their “scientific” validity. This is because we’re programmed to be suspicious and disapproving of things that cannot be explained by the current levels of knowledge and which are almost impossible to measure by any scientific means.

In addition to this, many people that I have worked with have found this to be very difficult to integrate into their daily routines, as it isn’t something that has a credible standing on its own. The primary explanation is that you cannot act upon something that doesn’t exist within your current physical realm. In fact almost everyone thought they were cheaters, when they practised this technique and this is precisely where the problem lies. Due to our over reliance on to the physical world, we tend to neglect our mental powers, which are necessary for attraction of desired outcomes. The good news is that despite obvious resistance, many people secretly believe in the power of their minds, but still remain highly sceptical and dubious about validity of these techniques.

So if you wish to try this technique and make your own mind about whether it works for you or not, you could always start by going back to your own childhood. What were you saying when you were playing with your friends? What words did you use the most? In all my imaginary role plays with my friends, I used to use words pretend and imagine. At that time, I used to pretend to be a cowboy, indian, astronaut, rally driver, doctor etc… I did it so many times and with such a passion that at some point, I was able to see myself, as whoever I was imagining to be. It was that simple and I remember I was buzzing for a long time after that role play finished, because of the sheer power of emotions released.

If this is something that is of interest, I suggest that you first clearly visualise/imagine what you aspire to be/have etc… and then do something in your physical reality that will reinforce this belief. If you want a new car, then go to the dealer, get in that car, sit behind that wheel and drive it in your mind wherever you want it. Whilst you’re doing that, memorise everything about that car; the feel it gave you when you got in, the smell of it, comfort of its seats and visual aspects of the dash board and anything else. Then visualise it as many times as you can and pretend that you own it. Don’t be alarmed about the fact that it doesn’t exist in your present reality, because your present reality reflects only what occupied your consciousness in the past. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment and do something in your NOW to get you closer to it. If this doesn’t work for you – then that’s fine, but at least you tried it. If nothing else – it could be a real fun, if you allow yourself to do it properly. Do it and have fun!

If you wish to learn more about our programme and how we can help you than please get in touch with me on info@myespritsain.com or you may call me on my mobile 07984001228 for our FOC tasters that will be enrolling from Jan 2017 in Nottingham. I look forward to hear from you.


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