After years of studying stress, I have concluded that it has become so potent that great majority of people have developed higher than acceptable stress coping thresholds. This means that they are so adept to stress, that they can only notice it, when it reaches higher than usual levels. As such, they constantly tolerate medium to low levels of stress, which are dangerous if left unattended for prolonged periods of time.

It is my belief that stress detection paralysis was caused by most of us having none or very little sense of what’s going on inside. That basic lack of self awareness can cost many people their lives and something has to be done urgently. Namely, stress and complete stress awareness is the number one thing that I teach at the very beginning of my personal development programme. Because, nothing can be done, unless stress is fully dealt with and effectively contained. Self awareness or conscious ability to detect predominant mental and physical states should be everyone’s health and wellbeing priority number one. Because that ability allows you to consciously notice your predominant thought patterns, feelings, moods and the physical state of your body, as well. By mastering this skill, you know what action to take to initiate the process of self regulation, which can be prevention, soothing or healing.

symptoms of stress and anxiety

symptoms of stress and anxiety

So what is the solution?

Whenever I feel disjointed and not in the “right place”, such as I feel my body tensing, tingling and even hearing constant noise in my ears – I know that I am stressed.

At that point, I start my “conscious and controlled breathing, which allows me to calm, centre down and start paying attention on my location, what I am doing, thinking, feeling and how all that makes me feel inside. The key benefit of this technique is that it focuses me on the present moment and helps me ignore all non relevant “stressful thoughts”.

When I achieve this point, I then resume my “relaxation stance”, which allows me to go deeper inside and start the process of self appraisal. Depending on what I detect and how deeply I feel disengaged at the core of my being, I use set of different mental and physical exercises to help me stay focused on NOW and start the process of self regulation.

Depending on what I need to do, I use a number of mental and physical exercises that help me achieve the state that I seek and then I anchor that state and remain in it consciously, until my body adopts it, so that I can then return to doing whatever I am doing feeling calm and empowered.

This ritual has become my regular daily self evaluation, as well as self correction system. I find it very useful and powerful tool to have in order to keep my self healthy and in good mental and physical shape.